Boxer vs T-Hawk matchup?



Hi everyone!! I just bought a copy of AE and im enjoying the online experience tremendously!! made so many new friends (and enemies as a rog player :X) but the only thing i am really having trouble on is a match up with T-Hawk (as rog)…

My normals trade all the time with his condor dives, condor spirl, and rising hawk…I’m too afraid to rush him because he could either grapple or rising hawk… He seems to have good footsies too…any tips that I can do that can help me understand the matchup? much thanks is appreciated…


Please post this here:

Thank you.


The above link is done the wrong way around :stuck_out_tongue:

You linked “Here” inside the actual link, so anyone who clicks it goes to a non-existant website “http://here:stuck_out_tongue:

As for the OP, yes, there’s a Matchup Sticky where you should post these questions. I do share the same mentality, though, where it’s a lame match evolving around the concept that rushing him down is borderline suicidal so, having said that, you really have to treat it like you would a match vs Zangief. It’s all about patience, punishing and not allowing yourself to get knocked down and open yourself up for shinanigans on your wakeup.

The difference between Gief & THawk is that THawk has a bigger arsenal of unsafe moves - CSpires, CDives and Rising Hawks can all be pretty much punished by Rog.

Example, you always meet a THawk who thinks it’s all well and good just randomly throwing out CDives - Balrog can punish every single one (Like a Blanka Ball) with DashStraights, Super or even Ultimate on block because the recovery is large and he doesn’t get knocked back to a safe enough distance from your moveset.

Just a brief example - For more fleshy tips, head to the matchup thread and ask there - There’s no Balrog v THawk info posted so far in the OP’s post but you’d be doing everyone a favour by asking there rather than in individual threads.




if anyone wants to train aginst t hawk i have an 8000 bp one and i am makin a switch to blarog xbox gt:kenmasters187