Boxer Wong, mistakes

You may remember the hate that surfaced in the wonderful “Boxer Wong, good or bad” thread:

Well, check out the Justin Wong interview by Gootecks, here:
Direct quote from Justin Wong, at ~41:00 in the podcast, on things he did wrong in the match versus Daigo: “I forgot that I could turn punch through fireballs.” and “I didn’t really use any meter, EX meter, except 'till the end.”

Possibly it is more clear now that people really were swinging from Wong’s nuts by saying that he is so much of a better player than I, that I should not dare even question him. I was neg bombarded and the topic closed. I think we all should lighten up a bit on the forums.

Definitely, it’s a surprise more people don’t go pop with the seriousness of their posts.

Your back, wasting our time with another thread that only causes clutter.

This does not need to be a thread. Just stop posting.

I think your posts are valid but i really don’t understand the reasoning behind your original post. I interpret it in two ways.

  1. You aren’t sure if you’re right or wrong about criticizing justin wong’s play so you asked on an open forum to see if people agree with you. Perhaps in hopes of adjusting your own play depending on the responses

  2. You are proud of yourself because you think that you aren’t that far off from justin’s game and wanted to point out to people that he’s not as good as you think and he did make mistakes that you, as an experienced balrog player, noticed.

While i do think it’s #1 that you are trying to do, people probably read it as #2. Your responses to them are pretty hilarious though… you attempt to take the high road but you say things like “take the penis out of your mouth” I don’t understand the reason to insult people who insult you. Just ignore them and move on.

Honestly for me i saw a ton of things from all those players that could have been done better, but hindsight is 20/20 and it’s far easier being an armchair quarterback then being out there playing yourself. I don’t think anyone is advocating that he played a perfect game because he perfect game doesn’t exist. We are all improving and i’m sure justin will also come back stronger with each day of practice.

Also you reposting this is almost like you want people to validate that you knew what you were talking about. I’m unsure what the point of this is. Do you really need validity that you were right? Honestly I really think you have good intentions but there are something about the way you deliver your message that comes off pretty arrogant. No offense intended.

Yeah well, I can post whatever I like, as long as it is on topic. It could easily be argued this thread isn’t, but then my old thread was unnecessarily closed.

It is only reposting because the other thread is closed. Funny, because near the end of that thread the posts are on topic.

The point I’m making here is that all the unfriendliness and hate from the other thread was over the top. It isn’t that I am some sort of genius and knew what I was talking about, but that few others were open minded enough to even think about the topic.

I see you have negative rep, yet your posts seems very intelligent. There is a group of assholes running around these forums neg’ing with snarky comments, and sitting in their thread on the premium board laughing about it. It isn’t often they get proven wrong.

Yeah and if you saw my negative reps you’d see they were this


that’s all the comments i get… is that i’m 09… and yet i have a 2004 SRK account on this forum that i don’t use anymore… but because i have 09 all of a sudden i don’t know what i’m talking about. It’s rather annoying that people hate just because you’re 09… i’ve posted on here with my 2004 account and people are like “good point” etc… it’s hilarious.

Anyway I think Wong’s spacing and zoning is far ahead then about 99% of this forum including you and me. It’s a reason he can take almost any character and be successful because spacing/zoning/foot mastery is the highest level one can achieve in most fighters (imo)

The stuff he missed was more of the mid level stuff which is understanding and using all the moves your opponent has to offer. Using tap in certain situations, using headbutts in a situation, using ex rush upper in a situation. For wong he doesnt’ do that probably because balrog isn’t his main. I think that yes he does have improvement room and yes he could have probably used those moves to make the game closer. However the mistakes he made were far less important then what like 95% of the usa players do with mistakes in the spacing/zoning/foots area. I think this is probably a reason why people are displeased with your post because in a way you’re nitpicking his play and pointing out little things in comparison to what he did right. I mean what he did right in the zoning foots game far outweighed his lack of character knowledge. I mean eduardo made more mistakes then wong did and he plays balrog as his main.

yes justin is not perfect, move on whats the problem?

criticism only works when it?s asked for, not when it?s given…

and everybody is a SF4 god when watching it after the match

its way diffrent when your playing in front of people chanting your name.

I doubt anybody could even use the bathroom with one guy chanting his name behind him,

now ad over 100+ people screaming behind on the stage…shocking its not easy

this thread just seems like “somebody got hurt” because people did not agree… so now they are saying “i told you so” so what?

get used to it its called life

I really fucking pity you if you really think THIS much about what a bunch of strangers online think about how good you are when they’ve never even played you. Jesus Christ get a life.

Having said that, How did you do at Evo this year? Yea thats what I thought. I’d bet every dollar I have on Justin, and anyone else who made top 8 completely humiliating you.

PS: Exactly how are you a ‘senior member’ 09er. Are you over 60?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post go so far over someone’s head. lol

If you’re previous topic was negged to hell and closed, why post a clone? :shake:

You were shut down the first time, you will be shut down again.

Wong’s gameplan with Boxer was spot-on, but he was just simply outplayed.

Both players made a lot of mistakes, its the finals. justin & edma and someone else admitted to each other about being Very nervous for the first time in a long time. Im sure even daigo was nervous. But none of them showed it and it was a fantastic final. Full of drama.

Justin may have had a bad day at the office in the finals, but his bad day is better than 99.9% of our best days.


looks at duplicate thread

looks at NateS’ avatar