Boxer's story

Noob question, no just frame links, no strategy about the Chun-Li match up…
Do you guys know the story of Boxer (Maeda Bison) in Street Fighter ?
Just know it’s a scumbag boxer which could his mother for money ! Never understood the end of sf4 with the stange kid…
Maybe you have a link to the line up of street fighter !

Thanks mebers of the Rog Army

what’s maeda supposed to be? M.Bison = Mike Bison ? Mike Tyson

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Maeda Taison the japanese player is just that in touch with his inner balrog.

Is maeda still playing? He was one of my favorite players to watch.

The story for Balrog is the same as any other Street Fighter story, throw away. Not something I’d worry about. But to answer the question, he does stuff for “Fight Money” and has the occasional Shadoloo job.

Balrog only cares about when it’s TIME TO GET PAID

That’s all you need to know

In Street Fighter II it was I believe, Balrog was Dhalsim’s rival because Balrog punched one of Dhalsim’s elephants to death.

is that acctualy true?

Yes. He killed it with a Gigaton Punch.

But that happened in Alpha 3.

what is the gigaton punch? the only thing i found was the music vid

basically a multi hitting dash straight. think about his ultra 1 but only 1 dash punch, no uppers

Rog’s Super from SF2T

It’s a set of punches that do crazy damage