Boxer's Throw Range


With the throw and throwable boxes added in the hitbox lua script, the throw ranges mystery was pretty much solved.
Minus for Boxer’s range. For a lot of time it was common knowledge that he has the same throw range as Gief and M.bison.
But he is the only char in the game where his throw box is giant but has range limitation (like the close normals, so it cant be activated from that max range).
So when I was adding his throw hitbox image to the wiki some days ago,i just assumed that he had the same range as mbison, edited his throwbox image to fit how it should actually be and moved on…
Today i was starting to think about that, why would capcom make it that way, why boxer’s throw work that way? Is that yet another lazy programing? Then i decided to actually do more tests…
The first weird thing i noticed is that Bison (dic) and gief have the same normal throw range, but rog actually beats dic by 1 pixel and Gief beats rogs’ strong throw by 10 pixels. Papasi has already tested this last year but for some reason he got wrong results for boxer? I checked this 3 times and im sure my results are correct. Anyway, at this point i thought, what is the explanation for this?
At first i thought, ok, its just a matter of distance between axis, gief has a fatter throwable box but just as fatter throw box so that explains why rog range is so shitty against him. But i was wrong, its not a fixed distance between axis for all chars, it actually depends from char to char. The only reason i see for this is that capcom thought his range was too good against some/too bad against others and tried to make it right (they failed IMO).
Then i tested both of his throws against all characters and here are my findings:

Rog outranges honda and blanka, this is retarded. Even through both of then have more range advantage against ryu for example.
Against most chars his fierce grab has 10 pixels less range, but its not universal. Against honda for example it has 6 pixels less.
Rog can actually activate his throw box against honda while being out of range, but only by 1pixel.

I took 48 screenshots, one for his strong grab, one for fierce and one of rog being thrown from the opponents max range, for all chars. But since i am too lazy ill put here only for blanka which is the most retarded result i got. For the rest visit my album at photobucket. Here are some of the images taken with a modified ST HUD (made by pasky), i added the code to move the chars 1 pixel (like in some old versions) to the last version.
PS: I didnt tested the old chars nor checked if O.Boxer is different.

Strong grab range, also showing blanka’s throw box:
Fierce grab range(is outranged by blanka):
Blanka’s max range, loses by 2 pixels

Photobucket link for the rest, if you’re curious:removed

EDIT: I removed the images and the link to photobucket because all the data is in the wiki now:

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