Boxing 101- Lets strategize



OK guys so its my 1st week into using Steve as my point character and I wanted to know anyones idea on how we can best utilize Steve. I use him for a defensive approach making the opponent do risky jumpins by tossing out well spaced fireballs. One I get a hit, I go for big damage and repeat. Use the roll to go into sweep or go for the counterhit with the  st.hp by charging to ex and canceling that so any hit afterwards leads to a crumple. Any other ideas on mixups, safejumps, tag combos or just different strategies all together?<br>


Still trying to make sense of him on point, I use him strictly as an anchor with either Jin or Sagat on Point, I hardly ever use his FB actually to my detriment heck sometime I forget it exists! I really gotta put in the time to figure out how I want to use him still, I’m improving though.


Currently I see him being a dominant counter fighter. He has all the tools to nullify most strategies, constant jump ins, grabbers, mix ups, and rush down players. His fireball is actually pretty fast in this game. its because it doesn’t go full screen that ppl forget about it. imagine if juri had a fast ex fireball. thats how fast steve’s fireball moves. Also, once you get a hit with him, it always leads to big damage. Plus, you get all the safejump setups you want off of his combos.


Even though i do mostly rush in with Steve, if i feel my opponent is really desperate or mashes alot i do sometimes just sit back let them kill themselves just by running into Steve’s attacks so I can kinda see what you mean by counter fighter. However I dont think his footsies are strong enough to let him be played solely in this manner.


Well you’d use his fireball as a key footsie for a good amount of the cast. There’s a range where if you employ this tactic the opponent will either rush you down, jump in to avoid the fireball, or block for awhile. your job is to bait one of these to occur and then punish them for it. This can give you room to run inside your opponent to go for damage. Keep in mind that Steve is a non-herp derp character so you can’t just jab your opponent as you want. Everything you do must be set up for (kinda like in boxing) so rushing in sometimes will get you killed faster than you can gnab a prostitute. Delve into your opponents mind and make him fear using his best tactics by letting him know u can punish them.


Whats best time to use Step kick TC?


When I said rushing in i didnt mean jabbing like a nut, cuz that’s obviously going to get you killed, what I meant was doing safe blockstrings/frame traps while staying in an uncomfortable range for your opponent. Somewhat annoying them with things they cant do anything about while at the same time not backing away from them.

I started using the fireball more after reading your posts and I’m starting to think its a better footsie tool than Only downside is that you cant get a full combo from it, but nonetheless very helpful/useful.

and IMO best time to use the Step Kick (i think youre talking about the low kick) is when you have a counter charged in the corner and you have already gotten your opponent afraid of your overhead. If your able to hit them with the kick into the followup, I believe you can get a combo from this.


Yes. you should be able to link in some normals to go to a flicker cancel for an untechable knockdown. I’ll look into this.