Boxing = 3S


Mayweather vs Canelo = Ken vs Dudley.

If you watch boxing you know what I’m talking about. Discuss!

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I’m a boxing noob, more or less, but I can see what you mean. Mayweather’s fundamental style lends itself well to Ken’s all-around game. Canelo has good movement and can keep an opponent guessing. Kid’s right hand is fucking fast, man. However, neiman, I’m sure you can lend 1000x more insight on this.


it’s so tru


So does that make Chun Li Tyson?


Counter punching, in-fighting, baits

The lightweight card main event on ESPN Friday Night Fights was scary with the mini Mayweather looking guy just steamrolled a Mexico only fighter skinny lanky kid in 10 seconds then the ref allowed it to continue after that knockdown for a soon after OHKO, stretcher brought out. Scary stuff.

Maybe you might enjoy that Tyson Fury 6 foot 9 guy talking a lot of mess. Beyond a WWE promo level.


Yeah, I was reaching there and it didn’t work.


I thought he meant Mike. One cr mk xx and you’re KO


who is gatti then.


Anyone like Donaire?


who is Dander


ken = mayweather, donaire
dudley = canelo
yun = rigondeaux (runaway) pacquiao (rushdown)
hugo = margarito

that’s about all the boxing correlations i can make right now.


mayweather is probably more like chun, since he’s a counter puncher and chun is #1 p4p. although neither ken nor chun are really “technical” in the traditional sense. maybe oro, but he’s what like b- tier?


More like perpetual Rumble in the Jungle Ali, me thinks.


I would say Mayweather is more like Dudley. Fast, fluid, explosive wheras Canelo is more like Ryu. Hits hard, can take damage well, orthodox but not speedy.


ryu is gatti.
if you don’t know who arturo gatti is you’re stupid.


Mayweather is all poise. I would agree with Riot, except that Mayweather doesn’t exactly fight like a gentleman.


I’m Butterbean.


So you beat Johnny Knoxville?


Stomped em