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For anything Boxing related.

I’ll upload a few fights when I have the time.

Theres a Tyson torrent on torrentspy that’s pretty good. It has about 20 of his fights, and there are parts cut out so you don’t get everything, but still a very good torrent overall. Tyson fans should definitely grab it. I think it’s titled Tyson Man or Machine, and it’s 3 files, about 2 gigs total I think.

I’ve got all his fights. I can upload a few if you want any.

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thx sex!

hey did you see the peters fight…ahahah, crucial!

but seriously though what do kyou see in the future for]
a.)MAyweathers next opponents
B.)Hattons carrer
C.)Cottos place in all this

and D.) where is Zab gonna go?

do you want to see Zab get the belt after Gatti takes it from Boldi?

**a)**I think Ricky Hatton will be Mayweather’s next opponent then possibly Magarito or De la Hoya. Thats if De la Hoya doesnt get to Magarito first.

**b) **I’ve been following Hattons career ever since he turned pro. I without a doubt think he’ll beat Miguel Cotto, as for mayweather, I’m not sure. Hatton has the style to beat Floyd so as of right now I think its 50/50. It wont be an easy fight for Mayweather.

**c)**I dont know until Cotto steps up the comp. A Hatton fight is well overdue. I’d like to see an eliminator matchup against these two, with the winner fighting Mayweather.

**d)**Personally I’d like to see a rematch with Junior Witter or Possibly a Cotto fight. He’ll beat Gatti or baldomir in a rematch. A fight with either guy doesnt seem all that appealing to me.

I agree with the Hatton statement and Im sure you refer to the Coralles fight where he Lost(?mayweather i guess?) Mayeather can get bullied thats for sure.

Cotto I think is just too much hype right now, I mnot sure where to place him, your right though, a fight vs Judah would be a good fight to solidify each of thier possitions.

Margarito Just doesnt have the “it” factor, hes good at nothing, i feel vs top comp hell lose every time, I dont know, maybe I just dont like his style, but he is very unimpressive to me.

thx for the oscar fight. can’t wait to see what i missed.

I totally agree about Magarito. The guy has to be the most overrated elite fighter.

I’ve heard that Puerto Ricans are taking a dislike to MiguelCotto as he’s building a reputation for himself as a not so classy citizen. It seems that he has alcohol problems (he owns a Pub in Caguas where he has been spotted drunk on many occassions) and on top of that has become arrogant with the local reporters and recently left a bunch of kids in a hospital waiting for him, since he never showed up nor gave an explanation for his absence. Is there any truth to this?

not sure. i haven’t been following boxing in awhile.
i’m watching the de la hoya fight now. what a way to welcome me back to watching and keeping up with boxing again. WOW. the energy from the crowd, the back story to this fight (trash talking, etc.), yeah…i’m back to watching boxing again. de la hoya is so good. i don’t think i woulda ever admitted that while trinidad was still fighting but yeah.

double post.
the match was great from start to finish. i’m proud of dlh and i’m not even a dlh fan. that was a great fight. i shoulda got it on ppv but i was like na…ah well, thx for the link to the d/l. i’ll be ordering that mayweather vs. dlh fight when that happens, definitely.

DLH better train as hard as he did for Mayweather. He did train two extra months to help get the 19 month ring rust off of him. I would say to DLH to got for it and fight Mayweather. I thought DLH was overrated beating aging (personal hero)Chavez, Camacho, Whitaker. So I skipped following de la hoya’s career. But this was a good win for him for all those losses he had against better fighters. Which I would give DLH respect for fighting them all in their prime.

Mayweather v.s. de la Hoya in sept. Mayweather left his promoter for this big payday fight. This has to happen, not Magarito.

I got back watching the lower division started for me watching the “Prince” Hamed US debut against Kevin Kelly. I remember as a kid watching the buttshit decision on the Julio Cesar Chavez v.s. Pernell Whitaker fight.


Antonio ‘jones killer’ Tarver v.s. Bernard Hopkins

Hrm, can someone PM me the link? I guess we can’t list it on the thread…I wonder how long he’s banned for.

are torrents illegal?

or torrents of material already out illega?

like say you had a torrent of stuff you made or friends made. is that against the rules?

cotto is alot of hype, but i think he can live up to it as long as they continue to bring him up slow. there’s no way he would be ready for someone like hatton and especially mayweather, i still see him taking too many hits and not protecting well enough, and he’s only been facing lower level guys.

i think mayweather vs. de la hoya will be the hugest thing in years. i think dlh is the only fighter that could technically match mayweather.

DLH brings more to the table then Magarito: Name, experience, MONEY, skill.

But will Mayweather fight at 154LBS against DLH? DLH won’t drop to 147 to fight (too much on the body to drop at his age), what weight class will they fight at? Junior W. (147) or Welterweight (154)

Mayweather v.s. Hoya would be good for boxing though…

any thoughts on Hatton Collazo?

I thought Hatton did well.

i hate hatton’s style
he doesn’t box, it annoys the hell out of me
and on top of that, he holds onto the arms illegally
i want mayweather to kick his ass

Hatton faught with what god gave him. Hes not long or gracefull, but hes got a hell of a work ethic.
Hatton won the fight IMO, Callazo faught really well though, I think he’ll definitly be a force in no time.

Barrara fight coming up isnt there? If so I cant wait…