Boy spends $2,000 on mother's debit card playing XBox online, guess who she blames


Boy, 11, racks up £1,000 bill on mother’s debit card playing XBox online | Mail Online


That’s on the mom for plugging in her credit card information into her 360, and on the kid for not knowing the value of money at 11.


It is absolutely never the parents fault.


reads thread title

damn, I guessed wrong. I thought it Professor Plum, in the sex dungeon, with emu.

Didn’t some kids do this shit a few years back, only they got hookers to come play Halo with them?

That kid must have loved XBox Live. “Holy cow guys! My Xbox lets me download all the arcade games, themes, and DLC I want, for free! Thank you, British Santa!”


He must have some stunning xbox live library, shes completely at fault for not setting it up properly. But its always easier to blame someone else.



But really? It took her 6 months to realize this?


At first I was disappointed it was a Daily Mail article AGAIN, but then I saw the photo :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ninja Edit: Okay it’s a fair point MS makes it easy for you to purchase things via XBoxLive, but it’s a business, at the end of the day she is to blame for not knowing what she was signing up for.


My god that’s an ugly kid.

Mom would get it… what.


The mom would so get it.


Nope i can see this happening. Your telling a single mother of two that probably has limited knowledge of xbox live to set it up properly? Why dont you just tell her to set up your computer also?

kid does look like a douchebag tho. Mom… on the fence.

I dont have an xbox but the background of the chick, is that somethign you pay for?



LOL @ article’s comments.


lol I had typed that but then deleted it before hitting submitt. But now I feel safe to let that out.

WTF Joan Rivers is the new Godaddy girl!??! :looney:


lol i have people who have literally ZERO knowledge of video games or computers, or electronics at all, buying it daily at my work. Some lady wanted to buy her 8 or 9 year old daughter Black Ops. I just went along with it, cuz that’s gonna be funny as fuck one day.

Seriously, research shit. If your kid asks you for a game, google a review. I should charge money to idiot proof some parents. This is why we have cam whores and kids who nuke their mommies credit card.

I can’t wait to have kids. Them fuckers will learn that it’s MY xbox, real quick…you only have to tell somebody something once, if you punctuate it with a dropkick


Nope, never. I’ll just put my debit card on your Xbox and when you fuck it up it’s Microsoft’s fault, because I shouldn’t have to do anything to keep you from buying everything you see, the Xbox should be able to tell it’s an eleven year old child on its own and deny all purchases. Thankfully she kept check of her account over the time… Wait…

Sidenote: The mom has a nice rack.


Tbh she entered her CC details into it, it walks you through afaik now saying to setup kid accounts for kids, and last but not least I wouldnt be as hard on her 1) if it didnt take her 6 months to see it. and 2) hadnt got such a miserable looking face lol


He couldn’t afford a thousand dollars after the smashing success of this? Poppycock.

Hugh Mad.


what a fucking loser looking kid.

Im sure of all the games he bought Monopoly is one of them so he has to know the value of money


lawyer it up!


Ok I’m going to reserve judgement for a bit…

Can someone tell me how hard it is to set up those parental controls from an older person’s point of view? We grew up with this technology, so its fairly straightforward for us, but for those from a more ancient generation who don’t understand technology I can see it being difficult.

However, the main problem is that the mother should be checking her credit card accounts at least once a month. I check it weekly to make sure there’s no fraud going on.


From what I remember when you setup the first account, if the age is set to under 18 you cannot add a debit/credit card on the account, and it tells you to add a parental account to allow purchases. The Purchases have to be done on the parents account then they can be accessed by the kids account.

If you add a account with the age 18+ it allows you access to the market (when adding a card) along with 18+ movies. Also you buy points so with the kid, he would have bought for example 2100 points for $20 (example) then when he had spent the points he would have been asked if he wishs to buy another 2100 points for $20 from Card XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Its not quite as simple as ones where it just says ‘do you wish to purchase this content’ you do have to go through about 3 screens to spend each $20.