Boy throws rocks at car, shot by crossbow


The potential of SRK gold with this one is strong. The title alone is killing me


Aim of Hawkeye!


Haha wtf. Who carries around a crossbow?


serves him right. dumbass kid. should’ve aimed higher


You can’t run away.
You’re in for a world of hurt.


I wouldve loved to videotape the moment he threw the rock and the windows just ease down like a mob flick to shoot the arrow. thats so wild




Was the kid’s name Cody? If it is, then it would be mad hilarious.




Forth Knave!

…That’s what Arthur says, right?

And man, who carries around a crossbow wiht htem? And why shoot a little kid, regardless if he was Bad Stoning you? Just drive the hell away, or better yet, get out of the car and floor him if he keeps throwing the things at you.


I can’t wait to see the comments that come out of this thread lol


My orange juice is pouring from my nostrils, it hurts :rofl:


That shit’s killed drivers before, dude. The rock-tosser (be he american or illegal*) got off lightly for being an asshole.

*Since all sites refuse to mention anything more about him (more than likely to avoid outraged and anti-illegal alien sentiments in their comments section), the kid probably is…uh, of less-than-legal status.


Cody should never play Call of Duty Black Ops


I used to throw rocks at schoolbuses, I mean, I didn’t whip them but still. Considering where the buses took me, it seemed justified at the time but it’s still pretty stupid. I never really thought that maybe they’d ricochet and hit someone’s car. Kids are stupid.


Hows your Speed?


I started crying when I read this thread title.


Serves him right. I’m sorry, but throwing anything with significant mass at a moving vehicle can be very dangerous.

Needless to say, the kid has learned an important lesson…


I’m sure he got the point.


Despite being almost antithetical to all things gangsta, that shit’s GANGSTA.

I wonder what Green Arrow was listening to on the radio when he quiver-raped that kid.