Boycott Commando 3?

For those of you that have read the recent Capcom blog concerning the reasons that PS3 owners are being shafted and are not able to play the STHD demo, you probably have heard that their excuse was mostly financial reasons. If you haven’t read the blog i’ll run through it: They don’t have the time or money to release a beta for both the 360 and the PS3, supposedly due partly to the fact that they would “have to” release 3 different regional versions if they were to do it on the PS3.

Or maybe its due to the fact that they made a exclusivity deal with MS, in order to get permission to go beyond the size-cap limit for XBLA games…

Regardless, this undoubtedly pisses me and many other PS3 owners off, and i’d like to propose that we ALL boycott Commando: 3. (Not that any of us wanted to play that crap anyway. We would have only bought it if it came with STHD…). Anyway, If you did want to buy it for some reason, I suggest you find something else to play and boycott WotB:C3.

If capcom is so worried about financing one of this years biggest (most anticipated) titles for them, we’ll give them something to truly worry about. They can whine all they want about the money they lost by making that crappy game when NOBODY buys it for the PS3.

Anyway, im not gonna buy that crap and I suggest you don’t buy it either, if you care about teaching capcom a lesson about screwing over their fanbase. It’s only a matter of time before more Capcom games get exclusive demo versions on the 360 if they begin to think that PS3 owners will just roll over and take it up the @#$ every time they feel like screwing them out of exclusive content. The hardest way to hit any company or organization is through their wallet.

why does playstation make there games regional online? was puzzle fighter regional?
i wasn’t gonna buy C3 anyway :rofl:

There’s way more 360’s around than Playstation 3’s … so … excuse them for picking one platform that reaches the most people. I mean I wish it could be both too but big deal.

This doesn’t even make sense. Because Sony fans aren’t getting the primo deal, give Capcom LESS reason to favor the Playstation 3 in the future by not buying their stuff? Righto.

Like the DMC4 “boycott” because MS got the same exact game at the same exact time. Ugh.

If the Playstation 3 had a bigger userbase, then it might be questionable.

I seriously doubt it would make any difference. I mean honestly, PSN is a pain in the ass to deal with if you are a developer, and Sony doesn’t always make the most developer-friendly consoles on the market, though they certainly are powerful in their own right. I think you should take what they say at face value, because it definitely makes sense. As a PS3 owner, I’m bummed about it, but in a few months, it won’t matter anyway. Seems to me that buying LESS capcom games would mean less incentives for them to bring games in general to the console, right?

You might want to try chilling the fuck out. Its not even a game, its a game demo for christs sake. It isnt the end of the world and you seem furious about it.

Maybe I’m missing something.

they said the delay was because the procedure for approval for 3 different regions would delay the beta

maybe you should pay attention and stop being such a gay nerd

Worst thread ever.

It actually is not even a demo. It’s a fucking test. You should boycott GGPO too since it’s only for PCs. And boycott TV shows because you can watch them in devices other than a PS3.

Seriously, like the DMC 4 craziness, that’s just sick behavior. OMG! X-Box 360 owners will have fun. I hate them!!! They shouldn’t be having any fun at all!!!


And I’ll buy 30 copies of Commando 3 just to make Capcom really really happy about the game, which I think is really cool BTW. If you don’t kill yourself after reading this, consulting a shrink wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Patience is a virtue. Cool down. In a few months the game will be coming 4 PS3 right? So when we’re all playing HD remix that beta test won’t mean a damn thing. As long as the game plays smoothly as it should, we’re good. But if the game is really glitchy and runs significantly less better than the 360 version, then we got a problem.

Yeah…I have a 360 and probably won’t even buy this beta. Really…is it that big of a deal? Just simply not worth it when the full game is right around the corner. I don’t even like Ryu or Ken that much to play it. I’ll just wait for the full release so I can beat people in HD with Blanka and Guile. Until then…3rd Strike. I want SFIV more any ways. God damned SF2. :lol:

I’m gonna get C3 know, didn’t know about this 'till know :tup:

Does anyone have an answer to this question? I’d like to know as well. Seems like Sony slows down and complicated things unnecessarily.

buy a 360.

problem solved.

I mean, XBL is about 100 times better than PSN.

PS3 is good for wha it does, but XBL IS online console gaming.