Boycott Winkawaks!

How has this piece of shit come to its currrent status? Just HOW? Its buggy as hell, has the most limited roster of systems it emulates, it has to be running on top of everything else (lest it sulks and grinds your whole pc to a halt), it runs the two main versions of SF2 (HF & ST) at the wrong speed (this has virtualy killed tthe formers online presence) then there is the fucking rituals you have to go thru just for basic operation “you must pause game before…” …well cant you do that your fucking self???
Operating this clunky piece of shit is like working on the bomb squad, god help you should you press the wrong sequence of mouse buttons or key. Its fucking lethal, this piece of shit has nearly killed my pc several times. The only times my pc has crashed in the last year is when I’m using Kawaks.
The only thing this emu has in its favour is having kaillera supported releases for the latest Neo/Cap games, but they update without addressing any of the massive flaws. I swear these ongoing releases are practicaly a form of cyber terrorism, or dirty tactics by Capcom to stike at Emulation…
Thing is its a viscios cycle now, people use it (including me) simply because its an online standard, so it just keeps growing regardless of wether its the best emu or not, like those ‘celebrities’ who are famous …for being famous. I say its time to put a stop to this evil, we need to start standing up for ourselves and overthrow the dogma. Who’s with me?

What is the best emu btw?

The best CPS2 emu is kawaks… standard

lol, that shit annoys me so much it isn’t funny. I only use Kawaks when I play on european servers, since it’s the standard there. Offline and on Godweapon I always use mame. The best emu, from my experience, is mame in terms of accuracy (less graphic bugs) but kawaks is faster than mame so it may be a better choice for the folks who have a slow pc.

Thing is, there are alternatives besides just mame and Kawaks… btw, why is mame soo slow to update thier Kailera version. The newst is like 0.67 or something, were nearly on mame 107 atm…


I mean the technology is out there, even pre-dates kaillera FFS… wasn’t there something called X-Band or something for the fucking Sega Genesis back in like 92!!!

It shouldn’t eveen be an issue…

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Kaillera is not maintained by the MAME team. In fact, they would rather that kaillera didn’t exist at all, as they were strongly against the project.
It was previously maintained by a guy named Chris I believe, and he abandoned the project years ago. Kaillera is long dead. I don’t know why he bothered paying for the site domain for so long.

As for the ZSNES thing, P2P netplay is actually built right into that emu’. The MAME team would never allow someone to hardcode netplay into their emulator.

Yeah, it would be hard to get someone to create an emulator from the ground up for netplay, possibly someone will hack Kawaks sometime, or something, but it’s hard to muck around in someone else’s code.

I’m not so experienced in netplay things, but kawaks is a tad bit faster then MAME on slower PC’s and has nicer graphic features. I also never got ghosting with it, if I remember correctly. However it desync’s kinda often in the Samurai Showdown games (my mains, so I know that for sure) and others say it has more input lag then MAME.

Kawaks is standart in europe and so I use it there, else I go for MAME (if the other guy got the 61 version I use it, else 64).

FBA could be an option for SF games, but noone seems to use it.

The original author of Kawaks is no longer working on it, so the majority of the code is about 2 years old, most of the changes since then have simply been adding new games.

Not saying anything bad about the Mame team, but when your source is open, you really can’t do anything about what others do with it, other than disagree.

There are teams that have been updating newer mame sources with kaillera, the DDE mame team (Japanese I think) is up to some revision of 106 (ddemame106++uX), AND they have their source available.
It seems like people are interested in getting a more “Zsnes-like” netplay system into those sources, but no one’s been able to get a team together to get started.

Sources are available for newer kaillera-enabled mames, for ZSNES, and sources are available for reverse-engineered kaillera clients as well as some protocol info (check the No one’s been able to get a coordinated effort going to develop something new though.

Dunno what Crayfish’s issues stem from but i’ve never had any of those issues running Kawaks and i’ve played on it for probably 4 years now.

Yo crayfish, long time no see, anyway i got your answer

HKailera V14

Its alot more uptodate and plays pretty well, also plays alot of the games you mentioned back in your “obscure emu fighters” thread, which aren;t supported on mame32k0.64 and kawaks.

kawaks rules ^_^…mame doesnot even run on my system…lags the shit out of it.

Kawaks is nice, but it doesn’t have 4 play on kaillera like Mame. I don’t like to use Mame, but majority rules -_-…

This one is good, but myself and others have had some problems with it. From Personal experience MAME32 Plus + seems to be the best up to date MAME with Kaillera support.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to download.

I use kawaks to play most of m cps2 games… then mame64 to play online… Guess it depends on you system specs, don’t know what to tell you. I never had any of those issues and I run multiple shit on my pc at the same time across 3 monitors. I love the winamp jukebox feature, feels like I’m playing a customed rom, lol.

I’d blame that on your computer, friend. I just sat there for 5 minutes trying to see how that’s possible- opening tons of windows, playing kawaks and selecting other windows, putting all of them on top- and i’ve got nothing. Not trying to be a dick but dont blame the emulator if your computer is having issues.

You can actually control damage, speed, timer speed, amount of rounds, difficulty, freeplay, etc by pressing F8 and updating the dipswitch. It will save your settings offline so you dont have to redo it everytime you want to play. Online, you simply have to do it once per time you load the game. It’s really not that much of a hassle. Mame is the same way.

You know, that’s a fairly small snag. Does it really bother you that much that once you’re done playing, you have to tap the Enter button? Does it bother you when you’re on AIM and you have to press it to send messages? Does it bother you when you’re typing a word document and you have to press Enter to go down a line?

I dont really get what you’re saying with the “sequences” and stuff. I (and numerous people who i’ve been playing with for over 3 years) have never had that issue, to be honest.

You’re weird…

Based on this last little chunk, i’d think you were talking about Mame. No one in the USA uses Kawaks except a small handfull of people.

Are you simple? Crayfish is talking about a problem with the cps2 emulation for these games, they just play at the wrong speeds, no amount of tinkering with dipswitches will make it right. The only way you can make it play at the correct speeds is by configuring the frequency under Misc. And no you can’t save it to use that speed on online and you can’t change it when your online.

Crayfish lives in England, and in europe everyone who plays fighters on kaillera uses kawaks.

You do make some silly posts don’t you.

Thats to do with kaillera…it halts your pc (infinitely process 0 hwnd message queue) when server select dialog on kaillera is closed before the connected server dialog with emulators that do not supply a parent window handle for kaillera. Get one of those duel core or ht processors ^_^.

Nope i doubt its to do with kaillera. I was at Cray’s place last night playing offline, and he accidently touched the mouse while we were playing and the whole comp came to a standstill, we had to reboot. Never seen Kawaks do that before. Very strange.