Boys, girls..... DA WATCHMEN TRAILER!


WOW just WOW its looks so good check out Manhattan holy fuck the trailer looks so damm fucking good


looks sick, still hate the Pumpkins

haha yeah, that’s exatly what I said in the GD thread

HD version:

Nice song, but I’ll stick to the book.

Niiiiiice. They better not eff this up.

What is WATCHMEN about?

Go read it. Now.


Heh I like the song a lot! Great looking trailer, too, dude they got playing Osterman’s a great choice, and I love the Comedian’s outfit, it’s exactly the right kind of cheesiness and, I don’t know, “whatever”-ness. Also Manhattan obviously looks sick.

I think its kind of funny how they used a remix of a song from probably the shittiest superhero movie for one thats totally going to kick ass.

That is The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins isnt it? If I remember correctly they used it in publicity for Batman & Robin right?

Thats right. You like how I made a presumptuous statement and then immediately doubted myself.

I had to check the other poster’s out before I clicked on this without hesitation, this would have been the most disappointing “Rick Roll” ever if it was the case.

Good to see it wasn’t, and this looks like the shit. Ozymandias looks spot on!

and i think its showing before dark knight too

zephy you suck

Too bad they didn’t cast Ron Pearlman as Edward Blake, as they originally intended to. Other than that I’m hyped.

Could anyone explain what the big deal about Watchmen is? I’m not being sarcastic or flippant, btw. I read it (with admittedly high expectations) and just wasn’t that impressed.

To me it gave a good image of how societies have become over the decades. That’s what I liked the most about it. Oh and Rorschach

i liked that pumpkins song

also, imo doc manhattan looks so like CG-y and fake, i wish they would tone the CG down on him

The big deal about Watchmen is pretty much similar to the big deal regarding stuff like the Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China. They are all testaments of human achievement, the templates to which every person today aspires to reach but never can, despite our efforts.

That’s why it’s a stupid idea to try to turn it into a movie. Just like it’s a stupid idea to remake a live-action Street Fighter movie without Jean-Claude and Raul Julia’s corpse.

But it was a smart idea to use such a nice song for the trailer. I’ll give 'em that one. Love you too, P. Gabby.

“i’m not trapped in here with them. they are trapped in here with me”

Well, watch this interview with Alan Moore (BTW contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it):

Also you’ve got to realize when this was released, 1985. It was really the first comic that I know of to break the mold of the traditional superhero comic. Sandman (Neil Gaiman) or Preacher and shit like that wasn’t around yet, so Watchmen was a huge influence on modern non-traditional graphic novels like Sin City, etc.