I need a nice new Battle Poll Av for this year. A little simple animation, nothing too special. I have the pics right here:

I wanted a black background and starting in order, the portrait of Setzer sliding in from the left side, stopping on the right edge, then his name and fade the picture and text out. The same with Morrigan, only from the other side. And then finally, Kerrigan’s face and name fades in from the middle. She dosen’t fade out, but her name does and her teammates fade in on their sides, with something like Battle Poll 2006 on the bottom or top, wherever there’s room. Should be pretty simple for you image savvy people around here. Unlike me. :looney:

I think I can get a better pic of Setzer too, but there’s just not a lot around of him. At least a bigger one of that pic I think I can find, let me know if you need it.

Oh yeah, and thanks to whomever takes up the charge. :lovin:

Edit: Got it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/XxTempestxX/setzer.jpg

. . . huh?

A.) 1st character slides in with name from left to right, fades out.
B.) 2nd char slides in with name from right to left, fades out.
C.) Third char FADES in from middle, and only name fades out
D.) 1st Char, 2nd char both fade in to the side they slid to
E.) Battle Poll text appears

Definitely not fuckachunkz, Quiche has a similar one, and i’ve seen a few like it.

Yeah, I was hoping Quiche or someone would take it up for me, actually.



I know someone can do this.

Fades take up too much space for that to work.

When you fade, you have to darken the image progressively, say 5 different shades for it to look smooth, 3 for it to look at all like a fade. That means that you add 4 times as many colors as you already had to the pallette for each item you fade in/out in an avatar. Also, because you’ve got scanned/cgi artwork instead of sprites, there color pallette is already a good deal larger than something like mine (which has about 48 colors total)

What you’re asking for is gonna be around 256 colors. Sadly, with premium av size limits capping off at 50k, there’s no way to fit what you’re asking into an avatar.


Yarg, that kinda sucks.

Well, how about just a still of what the last image would be then. Morrigan/Kerrigan/Setzer, without their names, and just Battle Poll 2006 on the bottom or some such?


Anyone? Still image? Much easier? Anyone?