BP Avatar Request

Alright, I have a mildly complex avatar request for Battle Poll purposes. What I would like is an animated av involving these three pictures.

This, with Angel text

panning down to

The top half of this picture, with Dudley text.

panning up to

This, with Jericho text.

And fading to black with BP '09: Here Comes Daredevil in Comic Sans or something.

If that’s too much, then a simple three panel shot with a bust crop of this, a bust crop of this and then just this works too. Same fade to black/BP '09: Here Comes Daredevil bit at the end. Lemme know if this is too much and thanks so much in advance.

Too much?


I also have a Battle Poll avatar request only mine is rather simple:

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/57/Kingarthur_logo.jpg/275px-Kingarthur_logo.jpg (this pic or some variant of it without the king arthur logo)

w/ john mclane and frankenstein’s monter photoshopped on the left and right respectively. McClane can be from any still that fits well and is not from Die Hard 4. Frankenstein’s monster should be any version that looks good and is immediately recognizable as frankenstein.

BAM! Here it is!


Let me know what you think…

Looks great. May you remove the Evil samurai frame though? I feel it’s kind of redundant.

Fixed. :u:

:d: No probs