BP/PP Question (Lowering, not raising)


I’m pretty new to SSF4, I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and after a while of playing I’ve taken a lot of liking to endless, however I want my PP/BP to be at 0 (for the character I use anyway) and was wondering if its possible to lose enough PP/BP to lower it to 0?

It would have to be someone with low BP/PP themselves but I have a feeling the lowest it will go now is 1 :c If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, and if you have SSF4AE for PC and want some free BP/PP msg me xD


I think the only way of doing this would be to quit the game whilst you’re in a ranked fight. Not really cricket that though.


alt f4 when the fight started and you will lose lots of pp and bp


Erase your save file.


That doesn’t help, BP and PP aren’t stored locally.


If they aren’t stored locally on PC how do people hack their PP?

I’ve heard they are stored locally on PS3


Don’t ask me on the hack but if I log into my GfWL Acc at a friends I got my BP and PP. Same after a reinstall (which deletes everything other than BP and PP), etc.


just loose, against low PP player just an hour of work probably xD