Bracket results should list characters used

Maybe I’m blind, but none of the results I’m seeing show the characters used in the matchups. I’m mostly just curious to see how many people are using sagat and ryu, and if there is a trend between those characters and success at the lower levels of the brackets. I’m sure the high end players who go further will be less influenced by the tier but I just can’t stop wondering if the lower level play is being affected by it, and if the tier rankings will be at all confirmed by the results.

I don’t pick by tier, but I find the idea very fascinating in a metagame sense.

i wanna see if anyone is using seth… a lot of talk pre-evo about whether or not seth and gouken should be banned etc… i wanna see the hype!!!

and yes any ‘known’ player who swapped chars to win.

I have seen lot of different characters, no one is beign over used as i have watched.
what about cheking this thread