Bracket Software other than Challonge?


I need a bracket software as easy to use as Challonge but not dependent upon internet. Where I hold my Weekly tournaments has piss poor internet, and the area has terrible cell coverage so using a 3g/4g hot spot is out of the question. Any suggestions?


There’s a few out there, but I personally use TIO Tournament Organizer. As far as I know, it hasn’t had any consistent support since the newest version (TioPro) has come out, but I think it’s much more user friendly, and mos def has way more options then Challonge.

Good luck.


TIO is probably the best offline bracket program available.


I just wish someone would write something that would work with the Challonge API so that it could just upload the brackets to it afterwards.


I’ve thought of that idea as well, but don’t have the programming background to do it.