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So the brackets are out:

I have taken the liberty of looking over the winners bracket and the losers bracket, checking to see where players will fall in the losers bracket from the winners bracket, and have made a schedule of what we will and what we might/should see in the brackets. These matches are based off my predictions, but most are shoe-in’s, while the others are my educated guesses. I tried listing all notable matches I could find, if I missed some, please list them.

Winners Bracket:

Sabin vs Mike Ross Round 1
Sanches vs Edma Round 1
John Choi vs Edma Round 2
SoMuchDamage vs Dr. Chaos Round 2
Combofiend vs Buktooth Round 2 (Devastation Re-match)
Combofiend vs Dan Round 3
Sabin/MR vs Marn Round 3
Alex Valle vs Floe Round 3
iloveuJoe vs Daigo Quarterfinals
Alex Valle vs Sabin/MR/Marn Quarterfinals
Justin Wong vs Combofiend Quarterfinals
SoMuchDamage vs EdMa/Choi Quarterfinals
Justin Wong vs Daigo Semifinals
Alex Valle vs John Choi Semifinals

Losers Bracket:

Sanchez vs Flash metroid Round 2
Sanford vs MikeRoss/Sabin Round 3
Sabin/MR vs Jibbo Losers 3
Floe/Valle vs Ricky Ortiz Round 3
Dr. Chaos/SoMuchDamage vs Lpn Round 4
Ryan Hart vs Haunts Round 5
Gootecks vs Dr.C/SMD/Lpn Round 5
Keno vs Sanford/MR/Sabin Round 5
Mike Watson vs ScrubbyDan Round 5
Ricky Ortiz vs Jibbo Round 6
Kai vs Gootecks/Dr.C/SMD/Lpn Round 6
Ryan Hart vs Combofiend/Dan Round 6
Flash Metroid/Sanchez vs Bukrooth Round 6
Jibbo vs Ricky Ortiz Round 7
Ryan Hart vs Gootecks Round 7
Mike Watson vs Sanford Round 7
Ricky Ortiz vs Alex Valle Round 8
Ryan Hart vs SoMuchDamage Round 8
Flash Metroid vs Combofiend Round 8
iloveuJoe vs Mike Watson Round 8


does this mean yeb didnt make it … :frowning:

.// i didnt see him in the losers. sigh


where is laugh?

edit: he’s out already how sad :frowning:


in korea?


How did they decide who would get a bye in the winners bracket?


Go Issei.


Just saw the brackets… I’m HYPED!


It’s typically random. edit: to the bye question.


Uhhhm, not sure exactly what you’re referring to.

The initial arrangement of players into pools and brackets is randomized.

The byes that you see in the semi-finals bracket are just the natural progression of the original pool brackets; the semi-finals bracket is actually just a continuation of all of those pools. They were basically ALL just one giant huge double elim bracket, split up for ease of organization. I think that injecting seeds into the mix may have created some byes as well, since all seeds start in the Winners’ side, and none start in the Losers’ side. Not 100% sure. I could figure it out but it sounds like it would take more brain power and time than I’m willing to spend on it right now.

The people who were automatically seeded into the semi-finals (ie. start on Saturday, didn’t have to play on Friday) all did well at a qualifying event. It’s the sixteen Gamestop National finalists, Daigo for winning the international exhibition round-robin, aaand I think a few other people for placing 1st or 2nd at one of a few majors (regional tournaments). Some people say they got byes through all of pools (which is essentially correct).

Hopefully one of those things answers your question! :lol:




I think Jason Cole is a notable contender. He is a OG player the Northwest 5v5 captain and finished 3rd on Gamestop tournament.
Afrocole vs DAN will be interesting and i hope to see AfroCole vs Combofiend/Buktooth
My prediction for the winners semifinals is Justin Wong vs Daigo and Sabin vs John Choi


Ed Ma/Choi before quater finals? :shake:


guys, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I’m enjoying watching evo so far - but how come Poongko isn’t in it this year?

Seems a shame as he’s one of the most exciting players to watch…


^ He didn’t come to Evo. I thiiiink it was because he had passport issues or something, can’t remember for sure.

Yeah, Jason Cole is definitely no joke. He is a really strong player.

… which is why I’m so excited to bring up this from a Seattle tournament two weeks ago.

Don’t sleep on Canada!!!


Well, he just lost sbo quals in korea, and is maybe doubting himself ? It’s a long way to America, if you don’t think you’re gonna walk out with any money.

Sidenote, Laugh came over, and didn’t get to semis, which sucks :confused:


This should be fun to watch. I like Art.

I like Choi. Ed Ma is sick, but you can’t learn footsies in a month…

SMD has to go through Shady K before getting to Chaos… I wouldn’t be so confident he makes it through that. He definitely can, but I think that fight could go either way. Anyway it goes, the Rd. 2 fight with Chaos is gonna be sick (I don’t know who Jakob002 is, but he’s seeded, so I’m assuming he’s Gamestop… so I’m assuming he sucks… and I’m assuming Chaos is gonna rape him free).

Should be good. Seems like Buk’s getting a lot better every time out. I know he has some shenanigans now. I’m sure Peter does too though. Hmm…

If it comes to this, I like Dan. Son is super serious. BUT, if Buk gets to Dan, I like Buk, since Japs fear Campbell.

Umm… I love Joe… but I like Daigo. Free.

OK, so scratch Mike Ross out of there. He’s not beating Art AND marn.


OK… I can pretty much guarantee we’re not gonna see this. SoMuchDamage is not making it that far in winners. He’s not beating ShadyK, Dr. Chaos, and Eric Kim (or whoever may happen to take out Eric). It’s not gonna happen (I’d be happy to set up a PayPal bet with anyone who thinks I’m wrong, btw).

Both would be legendary fights. If they happen (and there’s a decent enough chance they both will) it’ll be amazing to see.

Yeah… definitely not even touching losers’… too much crazy shit is gonna happen.


Semi’s matches are going to be nuts. Safe to say.

ps. Go Choi.

pps. Choi v Daigo finals.


Everybody knows it’s going to be Valle vs. Daigo. The match is going to be so epic man. They settle the score 11 years later. Nothing is going to stop Valle from dethroning Daigo and becoming the best SFIV player in the world. I like all of the other guys as well, but when it comes to footsies, Choi, Valle, and Daigo are a cut above the rest. They’re truely scarey. I’m calling it already. Oh and good job Justin for your inevitable 4th place.


Sadly, Alex Valle didnt make it to the final 8.
Those would be:

Winners Bracket:

Justin Wong
Daigo Umehara
Ed Ma
Eduardo Perez

Losers Bracket:

Ricky Ortiz
Takashi Hukushi (DAN)
Sanford Kelly (Santhrax)
Shady K

So I guess the final will be jwong/Daigo vs. DAN


Wait, it’s the final 8 already? The brackets on the live stream site don’t list anything besides semis.