Brackets/Characters results listed after EVO


It would be nice to see the WHOLE bracket this year, along with who everyone played in each match.:smiley:




I thought you had the whole thing computerized. How hard would it be to export it to html and post it? :wink:


795 players so far.

too hard.


1- It’s not 795 players per game. Max is 308 for MVC2.

2- I direct your attention to:

for B5. They could have the qualifying pool brackets in each page.

3- They had a software doing the brackets. So exporting the database and publishing it in a presentable format in html is not that hard.


there’s 795 players total so far in all games. That’s simply too much work to record every single character each person uses.


yeah…tracking characters used would be waaay too much paperwork. constantly recording everything, blah blah…it’s too much work for such minutae.

putting the brackets online shouldn’t be a big deal though.


It’s been online

No, I’m not going to format the brackets.


I think Ponder and Inkblot might be worn out after running that whole Evolution thing, you know. They are human and get tired sometimes.


Bullshit. Don’t spread those lies.


There’s noooo way we can track the characters everyone is playing every match. Capturing all that data during the tournament would take too much time and effort – remember, 9 tournaments and up to 40 games will be running simultaneously, all day Friday and part of Saturday.


Can you guys just post the brackets afterwards without the character info on srk? :slight_smile:


All the match info for all the games is already online. I posted the link earlier. If you’re industrious, you could construct a bracket, but there’s no point. 100% of the information is already contained in the match listings for each player.


If you were asking about last year, Ponder just answered you. If you’re asking about this year, the brackets will be posted.

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I was in fact referring to this year. And I think last year’s format with the user search was great also. :slight_smile: But you both answered the question in your own way, and I understand about posting characters used and the hassle involved.



Sneak peek:

This will be updated in quasi-real-time.


that looks bad-ass

“that looks bad-ass” = good


Nice layout inky.