Brady KOF 12 Strategy Guide


It’s been extremely helpful so far, and quite useful!!! I’d recommend you all to pick it up if your looking into some basic to advanced strategy. Of course its a new game and strats are constantly being worked on, but I find it very useful compared to the strat guide that came with SFIV.


Yeah, I’ve seen some of it and it’s quite good.


It’s a really good strategy guide, I was surprised.


Does it have frame data?


Sadly no, but you can get that from Arcadia. I have the scans but I dunno if I’m allowed to post them. It has basically everything else you could want though.


Really? the last time I found a good guide for a fighting game was SC4. (The SF4 wasn’t good :slight_smile:

But I guess I got to check that out. This game is fun as fk


Who wrote the guide? Some of the writers these days are actually fighting game players, and have been doing decent jobs (b’-’)b


@Dandy J: would really appreciate it if u could post those frame data. Or at least send it to me on pm. xD


Considering I’m brand new to KoF, I’ll probably pick this up tomorrow. I can’t figure out any good combos. Just trying to find some cool characters to use first though. Thanks for the tip!


Adam Deats and Joe Epstien. If Im remembering right, they also did the VF5, SF Alpha Anthology, SCIV, and the SF anniversary guides, all of which were good.


Im looking and looking and I cant find this guide available for immediate shipping.
Amazon says 2-3 weeks.
I quess SF4 spoiled me with its training modes


i actually have the VF5 guide. Its actually pretty good to get the basics down.


Epstein. ;]

Yeah, Kamui and I wrote those guides, and of course we’re both long-time players (I didn’t do SF Anniversary though, that was Kamui/Mopreme/Mr. Wizard). I think our books hold up really well, for the most part…SC4 got patched heavily just after release so our guide isn’t exactly accurate anymore, but what can you do. Occasional typos/command errors happen simply as part of the process…these guides come together in extremely short periods of time. And frame data in books is usually more a matter of politics than availability. Just because information is out there, and not technically owned by any one party, doesn’t make other parties comfortable duplicating it.

Anyways, if you like the guide, I’m glad. If you don’t like it, PM us or post why.


Just so you know, I like your guides so much that I was about to pass on getting the KOFXII guide till I noticed both your names in the corner. It became an instant buy at that moment.


I’d just like to chime in and say that I think the guide is really good, especially at explaining more KoF-specific concepts to someone who has little experience with SNK or KoF.


Is the guide that in depth?


Yea, from what i looked at. Gives strats, some good bnb strings, some charts of damage for the supers and whatnot. For someone going into their first KOF with XII, this seems to be a good stepping stone from what I can tell. I should give it another look tomorrow, and maybe even buy it.


Where did you guys get the guide?


Yo Catch, does the guide have a Sousai chart?

I would love to find what moves that can dead lock most moves (This is gonna help our gameplay alot)



should have got it cause i had the 5 dollar coupon off and they would give it to me for 10 percent off.