BradyGames guide summary

Very helpful thread.
Nice explanation about al the moves and what works, almost like a beginner guide.

Thanks for this!

Dude, not cool. Frame data’s fine and all, as it’s found out by other sources, but this is the sort of stuff you don’t just copy paste. Buy the guide if you want their specific tech

I’m not talking about any of this from a legal point of view, but rather ethical. People put their time and dedication into these findings and put them up for commercial sale. Reposting them without permission is simply unethical and should not be done. I don’t know where you’re pulling money into the equation from, except to rant about shipping costs.

If it’s the stuff that people can figure out in 15 minutes, then let them. If you’re going to put forth your own findings, do so. Don’t just take other’s hard work. Note how much many of us have posted in other topics without just taking directly from the guide. It’s not hard to do your own research and often leads to WAY more efficient combos and tactics