Bradygames SFxTK guide available for pre-order

I don’t see the point in buying guides like these. The frame data will be accessible online, and as soon as an update hits, the guide is obsolete.

Some folks like to have the information readily available like on their table side while playing, you can just leave sticky notes over outdated information, print out a patch change log and leave it inside, sometimes its a collectors items etc.

Funny how they’re sporting the Twisted Metal logo on the site though.

Sounds like a good solution.

Frame data, you say? Nice. I wonder who is writing it? Hopefully it’s the same quality as the Vanilla and Ultimate MvC3 guides.

Given that at the end of the wakeup SRK podcast they dropped hints they were working on this, and it’s 432 pages, I’m assuming it will live up to the same standards as the (U)MVC3 guides.

Doopliss, if you don’t see the point in buying it that’s up to you, but the UMVC3 guides sold out fairly successfully from memory, so there’s clearly a market for it. Personally I could get the information once it’s transcribed, but I like having it in a book form, plus it rewards the authors for their hard work, and increases the likelihood of more guides like this reaching the market.

Why do I see a picture of Twisted Metal book instead…

I bought both the MvC3 and UMvC3 guides and never looked back.

And I’m glad there’s a market for it, otherwise, they wouldn’t make the guides, and we wouldn’t get the info as fast. But honestly, if they sold them locally here I’d probably buy one, problem is they don’t.

Probably more PS3 exclusives. :wink:

If this is anything like the Marvel 3 one I am SO in.

The Marvel 3 one was a definite must-buy and set the tone of the competitive scene for the first month. Some things, like the buktooth loop, I just look at and think: “How the fuck did they come up with this in such a short amount of time?” The Ultimate one was good for the ten new characters but it was quickly outdated since people were familiar with the game engine and overkill since most people only picked up 1-2 characters in Ultimate.

So now we have new waters to navigate. Hopefully they kept Buktooth as a writer. They guy is legit smart and has a knack for fighting games. This will be a day 1 buy from me.

If anything, it’d make for good bathroom reading material :slight_smile:

Question to guide people: what’s the deal with pre-order gems? Worth it? Not worth it?

I say worth it because you will theoretically want all gems to stay competitive and you will just have to buy them further down the line as dlc anyway.

The UMvC3 guide is really good. I will get this one too and $12 is such a great price for all that information.

This was the one thing I was concerned about. The vanilla mvc3 guide was amazing and really helped me starting out. I’m wondering if the sfxtk guide will do the same. If so I am sooo buying this.

Did I read correctly this online exclusive?

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Comes out to $17 with standard shipping. Hope it ships before the game comes out.

Is the Guide really worth it? since were gonna have 12 new characters by the end of the year are they even included in the guide? I don’t wanna spend $20 now and then like Ver2.0 Edition of the game comes out with another guide and there’s goes another $20.