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Since Seth has some samples up on Capcom-Unity, it’s a good time to make this thread. Follow that link and you’ll find a message from Seth Killian about the guide. At the bottom, there are links to FULL CHAPTERS from the guide for Doctor Strange, Strider, Wolverine, and Ryu!

Before MvC3 Kamui and I did a bunch of fighting game guides for BradyGames, but for a long time we lacked time/resources/rights/whatever to do any given book all-the-way-right (shout-outs to mopreme, Mr. Wizard, and majestros, who also did books with Kamui, and old folks like Tragic who did books for BradyGames way back before then). Well, when MvC3 rolled our way, there was no way we weren’t trying to swing for the fences. MvC2 was the best ever, seriously. This series deserves this treatment.

We brought on two old friends (Buktooth and Cylus51) to make a more in-depth guide feasible. The goal was to give a serious introduction to the series to a new generation of players, and between hard work and then the universal support of a tough community to please (thanks, SRK!), I think we nailed it. Sure, patches changed a few things, but nothing severe. Overlook the pre-launch-date-rushed-combos (Kamui and Buktooth still give me guff about Spencer, deservedly) and the THC glitch and it still holds up.

Well, not anymore, because we did another one:
Amazon UMvC3 guide link
Gamestop UMvC3 guide link
The original guide was 400 pages. The new one is* 592 pages*, and is better in every way!

Every author that worked on the original MvC3 guide returned to work on the UMvC3 guide. But with a bigger game and less time we couldn’t do it the same way, especially since it was obvious we’d redo all the old characters (lots of them could’ve been redone and improved from the first guide even without a new game, after all). So we added three other people from the community (Clockwork, Lord Hedonism, and amodf) to help us cross the finish line in time.

Everyone put in a tremendous amount of time to give you this UMvC3 brick-like supplement. Without any one person we wouldn’t have made it. But in particular I have to thank the staff in general at BradyGames for catering to our whims (we were sweating quite a bit wondering how to fit everything into 400 pages… then into 500 pages…), and Buktooth, who in addition being one of the guiding forces for content in both MvC3 books, also took on the thankless task of trying to keep a half-dozen fighting game players following something that looked vaguely like a schedule.

It’s looking like shipments are trickling out into the wild here and there, so keep a look out, and enjoy!

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So I'm REALLY new to Marvel
-= Is there an actual Frame Data table for UMVC3? =-

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I understand that it will mainly be about character data and strategies and filled with it. However is there any other little sections to forward to?


I’ve had it reserved for 3 weeks now. You guys really did a fantastic job the first time around, it was really a no-brainer to get the new one as well. Thank you all for the hard work it is highly appreciated.

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Man I’m finding out stuff in the old one. I never get to finish books. :frowning:


Guide is really amazing!


I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this, but you guys really did a great job on the first and from what I have seen of the second one it will not dissappoint. Not only wll I buy this but I will support you guys in any way I can to ensure that you ca continue putting out quality products like this. Everyday I come on srk I smile just thinking how far this scene has come and how awesome it is to have soo mny people playing fighting games again. its stuff like this that makes it happen. Thank you


It’s too bad that there isn’t some sort of Collector’s Edition with a unique hardback cover. I would have definitely bought that too to support you guys. Great job on the guide, it’s obvious you guys poured your hearts into it. Looking forward to your next work if or when it happens :).


I thoroughly enjoyed the first guide, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Ultimate guide, you guys have done an outstanding job I’m sure. I really think more guides for fighting games should have the effort put in like you guys have done, especially for the newer players that want to get into the games and for the people who want to know all the frame data so they can know what moves are safe or not.

All in all, thanks to all of you guys who have worked on the Ultimate guide!


Amazon UK is telling me to expect my guide on the 29th. :frowning: Do you have any info on the UK release date?


Agreed with everyone in this thread. The first guide is absolutely amazing. As a complete newbie to fighting games, it was both helpful and incredibly informative. I’m almost as hype for the guide as I am the game itself. =P


I enjoyed the first guide, and have been pestering Gamestop daily for this one. :smiley:


I liked the original guide when it first came out and now greatly appreciate it when I wanted to understand frame data. Every fighting game that I’ve played up until this point, I would judge +/- frames by eye and didn’t completely comprehend frame advantage and disadvantage whenever I watched a fighting game live stream. Thank you for that guide and now this Ultimate guide which is also great.


The local gamestop here has had the book and game in since last tuesday and the Manager and Staff wont budge… at all.

Thank you again for that Thor info… Seems he and nova are both very good at completely ignoring zoning … and controlling the Skies. Team Stay your ass on the ground coming soon to an Xbox360 near you…


Mine keeps claiming they don’t have the guide yet…and I know they’re full of shit.


Definitely. For a book this huge it really could have done with a limited edition hardback. Battle worn guides do not last long.


The first 61 pages of the guide include a control and notation primer, a comprehensive glossary, introductory chapters about the history of MvC3 and a little bit about the evolution of tournament strategies and tournaments themselves, and lots of breakdown of various game systems. The guide is mostly frame data and analysis for each character (and almost every single character here has a longer chapter than the longest character chapter from our original book), but there is extensive writing about terminology and systems and playing in general. Each of the three “introductory” chapters is a lot longer than any character chapter.

Also, to make team building easier, we have a LOT more at-a-glance charts in the “basics” chapters. Including more charts and more info in one place to help with team building was one of the things we ran out of time to include for the first guide, so squashing it in there this time was nice. We’ve also included frame data for extra things like dashing/jumping frames and airdash frames in the introductory chapters.

The introductory and “basics” chapters in the original guide were just about as long (59 pages instead of 61) but that was mostly because there were a lot more screenshots before. Now we have less screenshots in those sections, but more text, more tables, and more detail.

UMvC3 M.O.D.O.K. changes/notes

Reckon it’s Bradygames sending the guide to EU stock. Sadly used to getting things late now.
Dr Deelite, any info on why it says 25 November on the Amazon UK website? Surely it should release the same day as the game???


already pre-ordered.


I love it!