Braeburn 1st results LIVE as they happen!

its 730 and tournaments are about to start, im gonna keep a log of events (well ill try my best) as they happen!!

right now we have random matches goin on, a few money matches been happening, every1 is stealing jodys low tier money… we have around 11 for marvel, 11 for cvs2, 15 for 3s, 12 for marvel low tier and 8 for rock paper scisscors…

First update: Victor loses in marvel to ernesto o.O Eric K lost in 3s to pvp early on, eric V comes late and enters into losers for 3s and cvs2, Jody lost to jose in cvs2

chaos, expect many more crazy matches and upsets to come

second update: Ernesto somehow made it to winners finals… awaiting the result of the rest with rugal in losers finals waiting for his challenger.
Epslion is in winners finals for 3s, pvfp is in loser finals awaiting his victim
and this just in, CVS2 takes to fucking long

also eric k lost to rockman :smiley:

Thrid Update DevilJin wins 3s in a 2set victory over epsilon, gg’s
Marvel is at the grand finals with pablo and ernesto facing off… ive never seen so many upsets in my life

cvs2 is so slow… right now tough its rugal B in grand finals and jose in loser finals waiting for somematches…

Marvel low tier has started, too early to tell wtf is gonna happen…

Rock Paper scissors will start soon

fourth update: not much has happened, cvs2 grand finals started with rugal in winners andagainst shaun.
Rock paper scissors has started… slogan defeated robin after 3 straight scissor draws at the beginning… Pablo defeated Brandon in a heated battle, Big azn beat jody by throwing 4 straight rocks, PvFP beat deviljin… all these matches went 2to1, more to come later we are on hold until cvs2 and marvel low tier finish

Next to last update:

Rock paper scissors finally ended… bigazn defeated pat and then myself in the winner finals to claim his spot in the grand finals… pablo worked his way up to the lose finals against me and lost 2-1

grand finals… i squeezed a victory in the first set 4-1, second set it came down to 3-3 and i threw rock for the victory… good shit to big azn, the most worthy oppenent on the night!!

Rock Paper Scissors … sounds like fun. :tup:

okay so i stopped updating because it got mad late… i think people didnt start leaving til like 4am o.O

Rugal B won cvs2
deviljin won 3s
ernesto won mvc2
eric v won mvc2 low tier
i wont rock paper scissors
pablo won the poker tourney by falling asleep

im still tired so ill post full results and details later

thanks to everyone who came out, it was alotta fun, and i hope everyone who came had fun.

great tournament, the place was too good and i had a lot of fun. you know ill be coming to the next one!! thanks for holding it slogan

seriously this shit was the best tourney that I’ve ever entered.

Oh yeah, thanks to the people who entered “b1gazn’s sit and go $5 turbo winner takes all single table tourney”. Thanks for lettting me win 3 times in a row.

Shawn had me shook in RPS.

good to see everyone again!!

GET HYPE!!! 3 SCISSORS!!! 3 FUCKING SCISSORS!! too good pete

Yeah, Pete was holding it down with the scissors. Then when he tried to switch up S.Logan switched up and reversed his shit down. Most intense tournament I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone was hella sweaty from the sheer intensity and it was really anyone’s game. Why more people didn’t enter is beyond me. Next event there has to be RPS. :tup:

Good shit to the shinobi for winning 3rd Strike and then Hav for taking my money in CVS2 right after. Quick thinking FTW. Shout outs…

Ypei: Good shit for continuing to hold down PG’s afro community. Kept the rhythm throughout the whole tournamnet. LOL at beasting on Renegade in casuals in Hyper SF and the dramatic reactions. Next time I hope to get another go at you in tournament situation in 3S.

Rockman: The man of the night…taking out Ramza in 3S. Good shit. I dunno what you had for breakfast but it definitely helped you get those charge partition combos out with Urien. Good shit. I know Ibuki’s a lil bitch though. See ya at next tournament.

Koop: Good shit hookin me up with a ride and coming down for casuals. I can’t play CVS2 for shit. I just don’t understand staying on the ground all the time. Makes me feel weird inside. We had some good casuals and I’ll see if I can get you over to play some games before I head out to Vegas next week.

Eric Kim: Always good to see you at the events repping Makoto. Tough break with PVFP throwing you into losers. Those must have been some crazy ass matches. Alex can take a hit from Makoto though…that’s for sure. Long ass stun bar helps too. Getting outed by Rockman was another shocker for me. He’s definitely getting up there. Next tournament I know you’ll be coming with some crazy shit so let’s see what happens. Just remember…R…P…S!

PVFP: Good shit holding it down in 3S. You must have been solid as a rock not getting outed until loser’s finals. Alex and Oro are hella scary. Look forward to you bringing that hard shit next tournament.

Hav: Good money matches in CVS2 and good shit holding it down in RPS. Seemed very confident throughout the whole tournament. I couldn’t really tell if you had a certain strategy but it worked up until Pablo came out with the Ace trick and randomed you out. He definitely was the other man of the night doing really well in MVC2…and somehow being half asleep during poker and still coming out victorious. Too fucking solid. Hopefully by next event I won’t be free money in CVS2.

Bigazn: Always fun to see you at the events. Always the best at getting hype for the tournaments. I could tell you truly had a desire to take it all in RPS. No one else seemed bold enough to come out with scissors 3 TIMES!! Jeebus! Keep repping MVC2 and I’ll see ya at next event.

Renegade: Cool shit hangin with you again. I’m still looking to get to another level in my DJ ness. Still trying to reach MAX OUT performance. I’m gonna have to study up some DeeJay shit so I come back with that hard rhythm shit next tournament.

Thanks again **S.Logan **for hosting the event. Can’t wait for the next one. :cool:

SHINOBI EDIT: Forgot to shout out Epsilon for placing 2nd in 3S. He put me in losers in a close battle and then we had a fun ass 2 sets 4/7 fight for the grand finals. He was ahead early on but I started to get adjusted and came back on him. He switched to Ken for a bit but it hurt him more than helped. Dudley FTW. See ya at next tourney/Evo. Very chill guy and knows his Dudley. He’s definitely going to be the premier Dudley player at the next C3. I’m sure you’ll be able to teach Grant some Dudley stuff. He’s ok but his Dudley has execution issues that with some trianing he can definitely improve on. Has issues during wake up situations as well. Coach that ish down. :tup:

tourney was fun as hell shawn, gs. Despite eating real ghetto-like in your garage:lol: everything ran smoothly, clockwork like. i’ve been having alot of execution problems lately, but gs to everyone that entered. esp. rugal for sending jose into losers, you earned that shit gs sir. Seemed like there was hella lot of people there. gs dj for takin it, u fail at rps tho:rofl: fuckin PETE, you reached a new level of hype that day. i lost $5 on you on that final hand, shawn is lucky as hell. shawn, good job i’ll be there at the braeburn 2nd.

Good shit people. I’m finally getting my shit back in CvS2. Hav- 1st place at next C3. Bet it.

Oh, and RPS (which is still less random than 3S) was dope. I wasn’t prepared, so I went 2 and out, but not without a fight. Epic battles. Next time I’m going FTW.

Poker was cool too. I got restless at the end. Pablo had the right idea catching zzzz’s during the game. I’m gonna have to XCOPY that shit.

Most importantly though, it was cool hanging out with HATEFUL SMURF. You’re such a cool guy. Thanks for the girl tips. I’ll be sure to put them to good use :tup:

Good tourney… good to see all of you guys.Patty the fatty,kimicks,Mr.Maracas"dj",Bigasian,Shawn.Koop,Rugal,Epsilon,Jody,Ypei,Eric V,Pablo,Ernesto,Victor,Robin,Havoc,I forgot the name but the guy that i played in cvs2 looser finals.Good shit guys:tup:

DevilJin i don’t know how the match went with ramza but i had not sleeping in since about 10am friday cuz on sat after slogans gathering i got home at 4am and woke up at 5am so there was things i could not react to cuz i was too tire.I kept messing up customs in cvs2 and couple of times i forgot what to do next after a certain setup in sf3…All in all i still try the best i could vs everyone.No sandbagging.Props to pat for busting and representing oro and alex.Good shit sir:tup:Also props to my friend Rugal for sending me to loosers:tup: I’ll teach ya partions and set ups every tourney that we meet that goes for Ypei as well.So we can rape chuns and kens:cool:

I’ll enter the next r,p,s tourney.It was fun as hell:rofl:Maybe we’ll have another tourney at c3 or a practice gathering or something b4 evo.So your guys can practice up and rape and represent.Va/MD area.They got nothing on our style:mad:

i agree.:wgrin:

As always big props go first to Shawn. this is probably the most fun i have had in a long time. great venue. the right amount of tv’s. ill always be able to bring systems and sticks if you need it. also my bad on letting you down in PRS. i didnt think b1gazn had it in him to throw scissors against me. i threw rock at least 20 times the whole tourney and he still went scissors. ill get him next time. poker as always was fun. it was nice meeting your girl. next tourney will have at least double RPS entries i can see this snowballing already. do u wanna make the thread for evo rps or should i? also good stuff in RPS. u came through. i couldnt. coming back from being down 3-1 in the final set was tight as shit. we never got to money match our low tier team though. magic woulda won though.

DevilJin - good shit again in Threes. sorry for ousting you first in PRS. i actually forgot what i beat you with. it was a close match. 1-1 before i edged you out. shit was mad intense. you’re ibuki is nothing to sleep on. keep it up with the shinobi.

Randomza Kimmiks - if i was invincible. lol. but seriously, get a better stick. HRAP’s are garbage. custom sticks are the way to go. u need to enter RPS next time. thanks for the ride there. we need to get together these next few weeks for some hardcore evo training. even if that means playing with lance bass.

Koop - as always it was great seeing you again. its always more chill when you are at a gathering. hope you enjoyed your trip around the beltway.:rofl: . im just glad we both had 4+ years of experience to stay off the lil tv.

epsilon - good shit in threes also. didnt really expect dudley to attack low from a distance as much as u did. ill be ready next time. also u are entering the rps tourney next time. we need to get the mind games goin on in va/md/dc area.

FFFAAAAAAAAAATTT - FFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT. same goes for u. enter the rps tourney next time. it seems that we all got ousted out early on in poker. that was too random. i guess FTP is FTW.

Jason - good stuff in CvS2 sir. also good shit on raping lance bass(no homo). i didnt actually see the match myself. i wish i had. u are upping your threes game. u suprised me in our first match. still not qualified though. lol. random blind poker hands were fun as shit. same goes for u too. enter rps. shit is mad hype. u sir are no old school in anniversary. st vega ftw. also 82o > AA. lmao. brutal

b1gazn - u bamma. that scissors did come from nowhere though. good shit. rock will always be there though. keep on comming with them scissors. although u are probably the worst poker player behind ernesto. lol j/k. sng were a good idea though.

havoc - i honestly thought u could have had another poker tourney under your belt. u had the chips too. i didnt see how u got knocked out though. i wanna see this improved cvs2 next tourney also. we need more cvs2 players.

Jody - u got mad lucky in our low tier matchup. i thought i heard someone call my name and i looked behind me and next thing u know my character was dead. my bad. ill get u next time. nothing can keep magic down. also props on second in the poker tourney. u and pablo probably made the most money of the tourney. there was more money in poker then all the games combined i believe. which is a plus in my book.

robin - good stuff on the beer run. i was proud to help u get some beer money. even though i dont drink. sucks that u were the bubble boy. i needed to be there chanting ROBIN ROBIN ROBIN. also no one has ever beaten me in random high card.

Ernesto, Manuel, Pablo, Juan, Victor - you guys are mad lucky that team magic wasnt allowed in the low tier tourney. shawn saw the greatness that was my team magic and banned it before it could be unleashed on u fools. also ernesto is the worst poker player. manuel keep on working on the 3s. ken should come along no problem after a lil while. pablo, good shit on taking first in poker. even while being asleep for most of it. too good. juan, AA is no match for 82o. lol. victor, you should have stayed longer an played some poker.

Grimm - it was all on you in poker. sorry we all let u down early. what happened to you. we went and got something to drink and come back and u was out. u had good chips too. next time i wont fuck around early. that was my bad guys. well minus getting called down by 82o. and actually having it hit two pair. u too are gonna enter the next rps tourney.

Shaun - good seeing u again. havnt seen u since the last GTR. i hear u in the army now. i can only wish u the best of luck when u go over there. stay alive baby. Faight has been over there. maybe u can talk to him about it.

Mark G - still cant believe u carrying the mammoth around. didnt see any of your matches but im sure they were rape. lol j/k. u need to learn poker bamma. also u too are gonna enter the next rps tourney. no questions asked. MG is FTL.

over i feel that i was the overall best player out of all games. thats right, the first ever Braeburn MVP will go to me. any disputes will be settled in a random high card battle. RPS will be mine next time. random scissors will get crushed next time.

if i forgot anyone too bad. ill get u next time.

pat, you can make the RPS thread if you want, i was thinking about it and how/when we could run it…

and yes we did not get low tier matches, but never the less we shall next time… my shoto is too nasty :smiley:

as for RPS, im gonna be the evo champion, no question about it!! place all ur bets on me, i got the mind games !

I got my scrilla on this RPS warrior. :tp:

we should of recorded the RPS. Again nice comeback Shawn.


Shawn: good shit, maybe next time I can bring a bigger tv.

DevilJin: you a cool ass dude. Good shit in 3S.

Jody: gs in Low tier

Rick: fucking OG player. You had me beat, until I mirror matched you. I can’t play blackheart for a damn, but my Cable is sick enough to hold it down.

Victor: you lucky I resetted the game. I easily had that win.

Little man: Im happy you werent intimadated enough not to show. Keep playing your getting better.

Pablo: good shit in MvC2

Ernesto: RANDOM

Alex: I rape you in MvC2. <3

Jason: nice seeing you again. You’ve gotta play poker more agressively, if you do then you’ll win money.

Thanks for the poker money folks. My Sit and Gos are too fast and furious.

good shit holding a tourney, excellent to see some love for the game.
good shit to all who went too, sounds like it was fun

Dunno where you live but you should have come down. It was hella fun and RPS was too good. We gotta hold it down in RPS at Evo fo sho. :tup:

i havent played cvs2 in 2 years and got 2nd!!! good shit on my part. just wanted to shot myslef out. Oh i still cant beat rugal damn it.

Pablo says “Thanks for the money. Let’s do it again soon. You guys don’t know about the :wasted: style.”

Good stuff guys, I never gamed for 13 straight hours :slight_smile: Maybe we should throw in some old school street fighter next time. I owned peeps for free with Vega

Alright 1st and foremost that was a dope ass tournament. Nicely done slogan. respect.
GG’s to everyone: would shout out the names but there was like 25 people there. Good seeing all yall again.

Now a few observations:
RPS was the most heated tournament I’ve ever seen. LOL. b1gazn made me 5 dollars against PVP and we got smacked later. GG

I got mashed up in CVS2 (But I’m still the Don)

My boy Shaun hasnt played the CVS2 or any game in 2 years and wrecked shop taking 2nd place:rofl: GG

1st time I ever made a bet that I wouldn’t get last place in a tournament. (I lost) :rofl:

I was raping in low tier until rules changed.

5 people left in poker, Pablo goes allin and takes out everyone minus one Don. GG

I think thats it… let’s do it again sometime, with more gambling. LOL!!

Then you mysteriously disappeared when I was calling for MMs in that game. What gives?

Havoc says i’m too old. No one wants to play anyone over 25, too much grizzled OG power.