Hey, So Bragging Rights is in 2 and a half weeks so this is a call for commentators!

SF4 Commentators
–Bokkin (For Cammy/Akuma Matches

Marvel Commentators

Third Strike Commentators

HDRemix Commentators

Tekken 6 Commentators
–Tacoma style

SF4 5v5 Commentators

Lemme know who all is interested so we can get a good idea and aren’t scrambling around.

I’m down to commentate any cammy/akuma related matches…SF4 of course…those are the characters I know most about both ways match-up wise…

edit…I’m down to commentate at anytime but I don’t think I’d be the best choice outside of cammy/akuma

I can commentate for SF4, and Marvel. But not for the 5v5.

I’ll commentate that 5v5 shit. I’m just HELLA buff like that.

I’ll also commentate SF4 as well.

Keep in mind if you do commentate on matches, its not a excuse for you NOT to be at your match! a tight ship is gonna be run!

Fo sho, I should hope we have enough back-up, because I’m going to need a sub after it’s my turn in the 5v5 anyways. :o

Also a request that if you do commentate, please try to keep the language professional. I do want to try to make a production reel with this for my portfolio

I can keep my mouth clean for this Slash.

Put me down for all games but the games I know most about are Marvel and Tekken 6. d^_^b


Well…he is coming to portland and I’m sure the pearl district is near by…:confused: lol

I can commentate on tekken.
also Tacoma style can commentate on tekken.

you can’t have super joe and i commentate and keep it clean…just to let you know.

Although the hilarity of the two of us arguing on the commentary…well ppl could really like that shit lol.

Yeah if Slash gives us the okay on cussing every other word, than Frank and I should cover a set of something.

It would be veeeery funny btw but I don’t want to cause any damage to Slash.

Get me on that SF4! You know I’m down for that commentary.