Bragging Rights carpool thread

With Bragging Rights right around the corner, I think it’s time we really find out who is going and how everyone is getting there. If you’re willing to drive please post up and state how many can fit in your car.

Mikehascookies (car is full)
Heavy D

Bokkin (Car is full)
Frankdadank - SHOTGUN!

Riki (Car is full)
Ms. Mor

Pat unconfirmed

Needs a ride:

Axel Kelly

I can take 3 comfortably.

I’m not trying to drive though seeing my car isn’t gas friendly nor reliable.

Eric and Danny have already volunteered me to drive. I can take 1 more comfortably. 2 would be a pretty tight fit, but we can do that if someone absolutely needs a ride.

Mike is a baller.

I might take you up on that extra spot Mike.

Thanks for remembering Mike!

I’ll sit on someone’s lap!


For real, I need to figure out how I’m gonna go to this still. I’ll ask for the days off work this weekend.

Ooh ooh! I’m down to go with whoever is willing to hear a Deezo talk for 2 1/2-3 hours about whatever.

Depending on whether or not I pass my NCLEX and whether or not I can get this day off, I will go and be able to seat me +3 comfortably, or +4 if someone wants bitch. I will find this out at the end of the month.


Hella want in on this, will provide GAS MOOLAH of course.

Ya’ll know I got shotgun in Troy’s car (if he goes.)

looks like it’s time to gas up!

Pretty interested in going, ever since Bloody Knuckles, I’m hungry for bigger tourneys and playing other players who are out of town.

I’m cool with whoever is down to take me on board, so if you still have that spot, I’m down Mike! Will pay for gas of course.

Deezo I’m down to give you and and I have 2 more spots preferably 2 more people near you…so I can just pick them up on the way…

Mandel you are to me a rare pokemon in the scene…I remember first getting into the scene and you name was brought up fairly often so the first Preppy’s I asked every black dude “have you seen Deezo?” I didn’t want to ask if they were Deezo because then they’d be like “who is this random white kid?”…I remember trying to play it all official like you were needed for something too…Shit still makes me laugh…oh and BTW that’s where the rare pokemon thing came from…

i need a ride as well… ill chip in for gas…

If you give him a ride, you are by Washington State Law abided to give Frankdadank a ride as well lol.

its settled bokkin you’re driving me frank and deezo. =D LOL

Sounds good! Frank, you Mandel and Jeff sound like a good mix to make a 2 hour drive go quick…

and yes frank comfortably the car is full…with some squishing I don’t think adding another person would be a smart thing…plus I think there will be plenty of rides available and worst comes to worse there is my trunk if people are in danger of being left behind.