Bragging Rights Schedule And Donation thread


Hey, I’ll bring my PS3 slim, along with 2 ps2 to ps3 adapters just in case their needed.


It doesn’t matter the game, I can make a piece of paper the most exciting thing since Prostitution.


I’m new to tournaments and might do this, how much is the
registration fee, but I hope I can get a PS3 there to waive it.


I can bring a PS3 set up


Hey, if I ride with FuriousPogo and carry his and he carries his Xbox, does that mean I get my fee waived? I’ll have that thing on my lap the whole time me thinks.


I’ll bring my ASUS monitor unless I take the bus.


The only thing I see with the schedule that could need a change is the 1:30 minutes for 3rd Strike. The top 8 (last twelve matches) of a tournament usually take about 1 hour, because you need to start running matches back to back on 1 setup, and the sets get longer. If you get at least 20 people, then depending on how many setups you have, you will need get through the first 27 matches in 30 minutes, then got started on top 8.


Jalapeno: Yeah ill hook it up

Brentobox: Get at me and we can see what we can work out.


Sick shit!


I’lll bring a PS3 with SF4, T6 and HDR. I can download MvC2 on it too if needed, just let me know.


What is bragging rights? Come someone link me to the page that has the details please? Thanks.


Seattle vs Portland Unholy War exhibition match?


Put me down for a TV


hey, please check your pms



Can we pre-reg or just sign up when we get there.


Gonna have to cancel on bringing my stuff, ride canceled on me.


Jetay I have a question…

If someone brings a TV that lags to Bragging Rights does that disqualify and kick them out of the tournament?

I ask because I for one am pissed when people bring TVs that are not for fighting games. Yeah that HD monitor might be dope yo but if there is lag on that bitch then its useless in tournament play.

I think people should check their shit before they commit to bringing down a TV to this tournament. And if you dont know what lag looks like or if your TV lags at all you better axxxx somebody.


DQ them for a T.V… really Joe? How about if enough people say that the T.V. lags, we wont use it. we will have enough time to figure it out.


This is still going down THIS saturday (4/17) right?