Has anybody got this game?

I’m stuck on a few puzzles.

The first one I’m stuck on is in the first main world you play in. I have all the puzzle pieces except for two of them which are located in the same stage.

Its the level where you can put together the puzzle on the stage. I noticed that part of teh puzzle has a usable platform on it which I can jump onto with no problem. So what is the point of the monster being there?

Anyways, after jumping onto the puzzle platform I still can’t find a way to reach the last two pits of puzzle. They are both above the exit door but one of them is on a platform and there is a hovering cloud above it.

Any ideas? Solutions?

Around 6 minutes in

the hovering cloud is a very obnoxious secret in the game. basically there are 8 stars hidden pretty deviously throughout the game, getting them all doesn’t really net you anything other than a trophy, and this one is a pain.

the cloud is actually moving, and in order to get the star on this level you have to wait for it to float back to the beginning of the level… a process that apparently takes two hours of waiting.

I don’t think there’s a trophy for getting the stars (and there is no Achievement in the 360 version), so you don’t get anything for doing it.

oh you’re right, for some reason i thought there was a 100% achievement or something, but there isn’t. there’s literally no reward other than a constellation outside of the house in the hub world.

Anyway, at the point in the game where the OP is, I don’t think he can even get one of the stars anymore (unless you didn’t assemble all the puzzles yet).

Don’t worry I got through world 2 and world 3. Got 24 pieces of puzzle so far. I haven’t watched the vid. I was hoping to discuss clues and such. I had an epiphany while I was brushing my teeth later that day when I posted.

On the third world I thought the rabbits were key but then I realised that they were only a distraction. I was wondering why a monster not affected by time was always getting killed and everything was easy after I figured out why that was.

Gonna start world 4 tomorrow. I’ll be back here to find out about the stars… or if I get stuck again before that.

I’m trying to get all of the puzzle pieces each world before moving onto the next one. I’m stuck in world 5 and not even a walkthrough can help me. I should probably try it again tomorrow.

dont cheat urself with walkrhroughs. fun game

I finished this game a while ago… I looked on the internet for 2 puzzles, I really wish I didn’t now because I feel like I cheated. Now I know how to do them, there’s no point in going back.

I finished the game shortly after making this topic. I got all the puzzle pieces but none of the stars. I looked online for how to save the princess and get the stars but it looked long so I didn’t bother. I’m just happy I got all the pieces of puzzle without cheating. I hope they make a sequel out of this game. I felt it was way too short.

I just bought the Game because of this thread (and because is was on sale ! lol) I’m on world three, but i need to get 3 more pieces that i dont know how to get them, but i’ll try tomorrow i have 9/12 pieces from the 3rd world. i dont want to o to the 4th untill i have all the pieces. is a fun game. it makes u think

wow, just finished the Game, there were 2 puzzle pieces that gave me headache! wow it took me a while to figure how to get them. but it was worth it. i didn’t get any start but i tried to find some of them.

Good stuff man! You must be way smarter than me cos I had about 6 headache pieces lol.

I hope more people try this game out. Its quiet satisfying when you progress and get your trophy in this game.