Braided sleeve

Quick question. What size sleeving is everyone using for your wires?

It really depends on what you are sleeving.
Also keep in mind some brands of sleeving are expandable.

I usually use 1/4" and 3/8" sleeving for internal stick use.

Good to note. Where do you get yours @Darksakul?

I go to several places actually

first comes into mind is Frozen CPU, which is a PC customization and Mod store, similar stores will have also excellent selections of braid, headshrink, zip ties ect…
For generic starter kits and some of the cheapest prices on zip ties try monoprice
You also find deals on Amazon or eBay.

if I need some plain black heat shrink in a hurry I sometimes stop by Home depo at there electronics section.
I also gram zip ties and wire anchors there too

Please be very careful ordering from Frozen CPU at this time. They had a major fallout last year and do not appear to have recovered yet. The business was forced to close for a period of time and due to mishandling of orders / poor customer service, the custom PC community does not trust that they are “back.” For more information, check here Frozen CPU Issues

Performance PCs is an acceptable substitute. I have placed several orders with them and had no issues. Also check McMaster Carr. They are a good place for hobbyist supplies.

I was not aware of Frozen CPUs fall outs, but then again I haven’t actually ordered from them in a while.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! It’s one of the later priorities but I’d like to attempt some semi-super wiring for my commercial grade sticks.