Brainstorming: how bad would a post-SF4 capcom fighting game need to be to not be a main game at evo

theres going to be a canned combo DLC gem for SFxT lol

If it’s not HD, on PS3 and released in the US (Regardless of how easy it is to actually acquire it) then it doesn’t meet Mr Wizard’s standards.


<@MrWizard> lol @ capcom sfxt dlc
<@MrWizard> wait till you see the rest
<@MrWizard> there is a gem
<@MrWizard> for auto canned combos

Why do people keep pretending the EVO higher ups choose lineups based on quality or lack of?
You all know the 6 games they chose will be the top 6 games in popularity in the west this year. They’ll get the biggest turnout and that’s what matters.
If you want your quality tournament go make your own EVO with a lineup of a SF2 game, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter, Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, SFEX and KOF98 and expect no one to give a shit because the problem is with the scene, EVO just reflects it.

if it’s not generating enough of dat fight money

chances of that happening: it’s Street Fighter X Tekken, people.

Only if you live in denial thinking that game won’t do well based on what you read on this forum or i guess twitter.

actually I am fairly optimistic that Street Fighter X Tekken won’t turn out to be a complete piece of steaming human fecal matter

I’ll admit that I have somewhat of a fascination about how the various systems can work out to not be a giant clusterfuck and whether the game will blow up or blow up in our faces

Capcom Fight Evolution never made it to Evo, despite the fact many thought it would. After numerous of balance issues started to plague the game, the community pretty much abandoned it. Segoku Basara X never made it to Evo either, pretty much due to brokeness at the beginning of the game’s lifespan. SVC Chaos same thing.

Generally games don’t make it to Evo if they’re found to be broken way too early, and the the player base abandons the game. While people say MVC3 is broke, a lot of people still play it. So it gets into Evo. I think the Evo staff is taking a small risk with SF X Tekken, but I have no doubt it will be popular. If they game is deemed unplayable in a month, I’m sure it will be dropped. Games have been announced and dropped by Evo the same year, SSFIV being one of them.

ITT: people who forgot about SFA3. And increasingly SFxT is starting to look like the next SFA3.

i am not implying that in the slightest i just think it is funny that a fighting game by capcom, no matter how bad, will always be one of the main games at evo. so basically capcom should make the worst games, like somehow worse than they are already making, so we can have a laugh

Man what.

There have been Capcom games that haven’t made it to Evo. SBX, and CFE being two examples.


Put it on the Wii

Evo had TvC so that won’t work.

Yea, it just hit me. I was gonna edit it, but you ninja replied.

Should of said handheld.

handhelds don’t count c’mon man

I’m not sure what “post-SF4” has to do with it. If you’re trying to make some round about observation about Evo being biased towards Capcom games, you’d be wrong. If SFxT came out and it was as unplayable as SBX and CFE, I am sure it would be dropped from the roster. Broken games lead to unpopular games, and unpopular games don’t make it to Evo. IF you’re mad that games like SFIV make it to Evo, but not whatever no named animu fighting you play don’t, it’s probably because there is no player base.

KOF XIII is a game that shows that a strong and vocal playerbase can get their game into Evo. Arcana Heart and Melty Blood communities were able to get their games on the roster, despite not having that big of a player base. Their player base was strong enough to be heard.

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