Brainstorming: what contemporary design features could be added to the Street Fighter series safely

ok so there are things like “running” and “double jumps” and other things that are a bit far out compared to the basic Street Fighter formula that most other games have. i’m trying to think of which ones would be the best candidates to add to, for example, Street Fighter 5 that wouldn’t alienate the game’s main demographic

like if there was no “focus attack” feature but a “run” feature, would people accept that? or would “running” be weird since it has never been in a Street Fighter game before? would “running” be the new “parrying”?

anyway what do you think

custom combos with start-up invincibility


edit: but on a serious note, tripping

c-c-c-combo breakers

Besides dashing and backdashing, I don’t think any of those will work well in a pure SF engine. SF pretty much promote character specific options, so if a character did have a double jump, the entire roster wouldn’t. Just imagine if E. Honda had a double jump, he’s be impossible to keep out.

Honestly if you want to see a SF game that goes balls out with subsystems that shouldn't be in SF, try SFA3.

Oro double jumps in SF3 i believe, and i wasn’t bothered. As long as its not universal.

I wouldnt mind universal running mechanic in SF. I think it would be cool to have a Run that opens up a new “rushing” move set for characters. And maybe if you run + jump, you can do very low jump-in’s that can chain into ground combos. And maybe a downside of being hit during a run is a crumple/stun.

Just throwing ideas.

Might as well play kof imo

capcom vs snk 3


Make CvS2 again sans KOF characters that were 90% nonviable anyway.

Just take good elements from SF-like Games or even previous SF games.
Akatsuki Blitzkampf:

  1. Reflector
  2. Beautiful scaling and juggling systems.
    Chaos Code:
  3. Skill selecting

Considering SF4 is still one of the most popular FGs, does it even need to change? It seems like any additional mechanic you add to the SF2 formula just makes SF closer to another game (running = KOF, etc, double jumps = airdasher game, etc). There have been people complaining about a lack of SF2-style games in the modern era, so maybe SF5 should move back closer towards the SF2 style? Get rid of ultras, but have super attacks be the flashy cutscene stuff for the spectators. Get rid of focus and FADC. Remove most of the links.

SF has its own niche in the FG landscape, so rather than adding mechanics that other games have already done, it should stand proudly as the biggest representative of its style.

TVC and MVC3 let you roll on wakeup. Wonder why that can’t be done in SF?

They did in Alpha. I know 2 has it at least.

Alpha’s version was a little different; it was like MvC1/2’s tech roll, except you could only roll forward, and you were vulnerable to low attacks the entire time. LP let you quickly roll in place, and the other two buttons let you roll a certain distance ahead.

That said, I kinda miss the Tactical Recovery from CFE/CvS2. It was a fun secondary option that could screw over someone trying to cross you up.

I want an Alpha type game. SFA3 was the bomb.

Bolt on BDC from Tekken out of nowhere to “make the zoning game deeper”. And entirely separate MEGA gauge that you can only use for an SF-style family-friendly fatality. If you do a MEGA at evo you’re DQ’d on the spot though.

Also I think chars should give up on all this incremental movement shit and turn into gumby and pals.

Features from SFEX series but implement them better.

Which features exactly and implemented how?

I’d take short hop over run.

SFxT has tech rolling, and it’s pretty fast too, players raised on SF4 style vortex on wake-up are going to be in for a big surprise in that game.

For example the mechanic where you can cancel a special into another special has potential.
Using it only in combos and to lessen recovery is boring. I’d like to see some more tactical stuff done with it. I have no idea how though. I’ll have to give it some thought.

In the original preview of the game in EGM, the way they explained it was that SFIV was supposed to allow dash cancelling out of EX moves for meter (without using focus). Personally, I’d love to see a system similar to that in place in a future SF.

EGM article