Brainstorming: what is your large scene/good game threshold

so there are some fighting games that are very bad but they have large scenes and they are still “playable” to some people

so basically what i am wondering is what is everyone’s threshold for how much of a plummet in game quality they can handle exchanging for a large scene

mine is very low obviously well lets hear about you

I’d give up a lot of gameplay quality for an online FG that is as popular as Starcraft 2 and has enough of a player population to sustain SC2’s league system.

But for offline FGs, as long as there is like 5 people I can play with, then that’s probably enough, so I would choose my most preferred game within those parameters.

I currently play games that I’m probably the only player in all of Canada for, so I really don’t give a shit how few people play the game.

Also I won’t play a game I don’t like, period. I play games because I like them, playing one I don’t like is kinda pointless.

I’d sacrifice a bit to gain a strong player base, but not so much that the game is unenjoyable. I don’t think I’d go much further from SFIV or MvC3.

But I don’t like to think like that. I don’t want it so it has to be this way. I’m sure someone could make popular game without having to compromise vision or quality.

Here’s to hoping Skullgirls gets a decently sized player base.

i need 3-4 people locally (including me), a working system and at least 2 working sticks for the system to want to play it seriously.

a lot of games i really like only have 1 other person locally (mvc2) or no 2 working sticks (ps2 games)

so i play mvc3… which is a better game than people give it credit for but yeah… its no mvc2

I’d rather have a smaller group of dedicated and intelligent individuals who have the drive to improve themselves, as opposed to playing with a giant crowd of idiots.

How can you tell who is or isn’t an idiot if you’re not willing to play them all?

If I have even one or two people to play a really good game with I will play it. I will also learn the popular game at least to the point where I can somewhat keep up with the local players because I enjoy playing various fighting games in general. If I get bored playing the same one or two people I can always just learn a new character, I know stuff for like 75% of the Guilty Gear characters for this very reason

I am much more interested in playing games I like than trying to push myself into the “competitive” scene for some game I don’t care about at all.

What? Who said I wasn’t willing to play them all? I’m willing to play anybody and everybody. And it’s not hard to figure out if someone’s an idiot or not, just observe their overall attitude and their willingness to improve at a game.

Just because a game is popular doesn’t make a game great.

I think the “league” thing is more of an issue of some guys not wanting an eSports type league system, especially at the expense of open tournaments.

The lowest I will go is games like SF4. Marvel 3 is not worth it for me because I really don’t like it at all. Ideally I would want to play people in kof13, 3s, alpha2 and ST.

No compromises. A few people I won’t end up beefing with if I have to meet at ppl’s houses for a game I like. I think having a big comp pool to draw on is more desirable in an arcade setting – what a surprise.

Well, I’m sure there are some players that feel that way, but theoretically if such a game existed, they would be in such a minority that they wouldnt have much effect on the numbers. Besides, online leagues and (online) tournaments are not mutually exclusive. Good online play might disincentivise attending offline tournaments though, but that’s a problem the (offline) FGC needs to find a seperate solution for.

Worldwide bbbr would be the best. But a couple of locals are good too.

Good Game is a good game. I would buy a good game despite not having the greatest of replay value.

I don’t really care too much about Online or Trial, so I would buy KOF13 at later time. A scene not being popular is not a excuse for not buying a legitimate game.