Brampton 2005 Thread

Last year we lost a lot of talented players. Hopefully this year we find some new players to fill the void and maybe Jason and Steve can actually beat me twice in a row. HAHA! THEY WISH! :rofl:

Jason; can you host Sunday afternoon casual tomorrow?

I think I’m going to sell my PS2 HORI. Maybe someone can fix the switch (I think that’s the only problem) and use it because it’s too light for me and I’m getting used to my Anniversary Edition controller pretty fast (it works with my USB adapter so I can use it on MAME too). Anyone want to buy the stick?

I need to find that kid who smacked me with the unmashable at Silvercity Brampton and add him to Team Brampton.

First Sunday casual of the new year was not a good one for me. Jason totally destroyed me with RC Electricity and ran me over in both of our races to Five (5 - 1, 5 - 3).

R4 Vega is the equalizer though.:lol:

k-sagat’s a beast
A-Blanka is an even nastier beast!

hey justin…is that the nuby AE stick from EB??

if so how is it?

Naw, mine is a HORI Japanese style stick. If you’ve ever played at Vince’s place he has the exact same one with Jin from T4 on the face plate.

oh…I was asking about your anniversay edition stick…what kind is that?

man, . . . I think r4 anything equalizes . . .

Charles is finally getting his ps2 fixed, so I might actually get into Capcom Fighting Evolution and the Championship Edition thing or whatever it was. Does that disc contain 3S? For some reason, I thought it did . . . In any case, keeping it locked down downtown, heh heh, that was soo lame, peace out

Justin, you watch the rest of Drawn Together? Because as we all know, no succesful business can be run without the help of Mexicans, so your next challenge is to smuggle as many Mexicans as you can over the border. And . . . Vaya Con Dios!!

Foxxy Love

Actually no. I haven’t been able to access any of the torrents on that site for nearly a month. It basically locked me out after Suprnova went down.

hi brampton

5% Trap owns Jason for free. :lol:

Team Weapon X = The Future. :tup:

Steve’s the only person I know that can’t grasp hitting up to jump up. :confused:

Pete; are you able to make the York U tourney on the 22nd? Me, Jason, Steve and Gandhi are all in.

I didn’t order any…SAUSAGE!

You should’ve been in negative life if i had be able to paint last night. Damn trying to paint with Todo screwed up my timing!

Todo, RC Grab = Cheap
Bison, Paint = Cheap
Blanka = Cheap

I should call my team Team Cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

And RC Blanka owns Justin AND Steve for free :devil:

5% Trap > RC Blanka. FIVE STRAIGHT!

I own justin and steve and JASON for free…

oh shit, gerjay’s trying to start a flame war in the brampton thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Justin forgets to mention the pure and uninterrupted ownage i gave him before that 5 game streak…both last night and on sunday.

Quotes from last night’s trash talk:

Justin (to Steve): "This is why you’re third best in brampton"
Me: “It’s cause there are only 3 in brampton”

Me: "Damn, I can’t paint today!"
Steve: “Yea, that right, the bucket of paint is dried up!”

Justin (To Steve): "Don’t get OCVed"
and steve gets OCVed :devil:

heh, failure Steve. Terrible trashtalking. Everybody should stop trashtalking all together.

and i own all of brampton + sauga for FREE

not in marvel

Yeah Jason ran me over on Sunday and for 1/2 of Tuesday and then I finally started breaking his Blanka. And thus the 5% trap was born. :tup:

Steve got rocked yesterday. I think he managed like 2 wins the whole night. His Akuma is random as fuck though. :wow:

Hello Brampton :encore: