Brampton 2014

Like the title says, where is everyone from Brampton at? I’m looking for people to level up with in Street Fighter 4. Just give a shout below and hopefully we’ll get some casuals going. Peace.

hey man whats up. im really good at marvel but okay at AE. I am in Milton so im not far off. could do casuals n games

Sup,GothamS. Milton,eh? That seems pretty far from where I live. Only reason why I’m saying that is due to my way of transportation(Bus). Its a start in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Hey man, I’m at Sheridan College in Brampton. I’d be down for playing USF4!!

Hey guys,

I host sessions in my basement and I have a variety of setups: USF4, UMVC3, Smash, XRD, 3S, MELEE, and etc. Join the group here ( We host on Friday/Saturdays at 4/5-11pm and my place is right off Williams and James Potter. We stream and do tournaments so join the group and get in on the action!

Hey, I just seen this post, looks like I’m pretty late too, are you guys still doing casuals in brampton?

Yes! Feel free to message me on Facebook (Nicholas Victoria [Allori]) or Twitter (@NicholasThaGod).

woah crazy i also moved to brampton from toronto thought no one played fighters here do you guys play mvc2? or sfa3

We have a lot of people who play those games. Join the group!

Dusty in here, hi Brampton.