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Hey guys :smile:

My mates and I started playing fighting games a couple of years ago starting with Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4.
It’s probably one of our favourite things we do at weekends now and were really into it now.

However we’re looking for some other fighting games we hav’ent played because SSFIV and SFII-HD Remix is pretty much all we play now.

So we were googling away for a new fighter and we came across a game called BlazBlue
( “Calamity Trigger” and some footage of “Continuum Shift” )

Since we’re all still relatively new to the fighting scene compared to all the pros on SRK, we’re not sure if we could handle it and play well because it looks pretty complex. So I’m posting this to ask all the fighting vets whether they think we’ll enjoy it or if we should get a bit more experience with fighters before we all go and buy a copy.

Also any kind of information on how it compares to the SF series would be appreciated.
E.G the feel of the gameplay compared to SSFIV.

Appreciate all the reads and answers

Once again thanks :smile:

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EDIT: Thanks for all the replies everyone. Picking up a copy tomorrow and seeing how it goes! :smile:

BB isn’t that complex.

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General Strategy - BB

compared to Guilty Gear yeah but for someone who has only played SF games, BB can be seem as very dificult beast :looney:

^ Not saying I disagree (have no opinion since I don’t play BB) but you have to admit sometimes gaming communities will, err…overemphasize or enlarge strategy in their fav fighting games.

BlazBlue has a very different feel than SF4; however, it is pretty accessible. The game is more aggressive, characters are much more mobile, and combos are generally longer and comprised primary of cancels rather then links.

Doesn’t feel anything like Street Fighter.

Hella fun, tho. I was playing Continuum Shift with my friends last night, and it felt much better than playing alone like I usually do.

Thanks man, appreciate the info :smile:

Thanks, got the game now and really like it. Still learning the basics but I totally agree, It’s definately “Hella fun”.

i know, im just saying that when you are out of your comfot zone, you always have the feeling of being helpless, for some people, playing sf could be more difficult because its more restrictive, or playing kof could be a challenge cuz it has many “get in” options for example