Brand Funken New Darkside Stikz!

Greetings Everyone,

Haven’t been on the forums as much now that I’ve been occupied with all sorts of shiz. Life can be pretty impatient at times, anyway, I was finally able to get in my shop and work on some stikz this past week. Kind of in a ‘hyper creative’ mood lately, so these were all designed spontaneously over a couple days, which is why some differ quite a bit from each other. For the most part they are all going to be for sale with the exception of one. But I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning to an out of town tournament, so some of them may be sold after tomorrow. Anyway, several people have inquired about me having any new stiks for sale so I’m posting this to give some people a chance to possibly snatch one up before they’re taken to the tourney, pretty much open to offers at the moment. Any questions, just let me know and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can, they’re all made from sanwa & seimitsu parts. I’ll add individual info about the stiks on my website once I have the chance.

And Now Time to Drop da Bombs

  1. Maya 1
    Maya 2

  2. Mini Baiken vb. 1
    Mini Baiken vb. 2

  3. Josie

  4. Rogue

  5. Ichigo & Zangetsu

  6. Warriorz 1
    Warriorz 2

  7. Setsuka 1
    Setsuka 2

  8. Scarface

lookin’ good man! :smiley:

always the best looking sticks evar.

Like the black/white contrast on the scarface. Top work, man! :tup:

True works of art!!!:tup:

Once again…speechless…great work darkside…i’m working on a couple myself…hope to get them done soon…good work

That Baiken stick is hot. How much?

These sticks are top tier.:tup: If I had enough blood plasma, I would buy one.


Very nice sticks man, top notch. Really artistic made ^_^. Baiken is super hot :D.
Any insidepics?

Wow… makes me want to buy another to go next to my Makoto stick. As always your work is the best of the best.

Awesome work, as always. :clap:

too sexy must buy…

PM sent.

I’m not a big fan of those clear balltops. They look a bit…glittery and girly. The clear buttons however are badass.

yo that baiken stick is crazy, i wonder how he got all that curvature on the front side of it, and good shit on the octagonal dust cover ;]

pm sent!

that scarface one is hot. nice work meng

Updated my site with a little more info. As for the curvature on the baiken, that’s all handcarved. Since it’s made of oak it was very time consuming, but I think it paid off in the end because I really like how it turned out.

so whats the difference between sanwa and semitsu buttons?

WoW, they’re all awesome :clap:
The scarface stick is off the hook :tup:

Great work :karate: