Brand new fighter here need tips

Ok so after lurking for a few weeks I finally made an acc. I’m a straight off the boat newb. After watching mvc3 professional play since the first Wednesday night fights. I finally decided to give it a go. Now This is my first fighter that I’ve ever taken seriously so I’m pretty terrible so forgive me in advance for any idiot or stupid mistakes/questions. :slight_smile: My team consists of Dante/dormamu/wesker or Virgil. (everything subject to change)

Ok I’ll start with my first issue I can’t seem to get in with Dante. Is there any way to get in to get into position to combo safely with Dante? I have the most practice with him, but the least success with him out of any one on my team. Any tips on moment/awareness to being a better rush down dante?

What should I look for in assists? Right now when I play online it just seems like using my assists end up helping the other guy more than me. :stuck_out_tongue: I tried watching some professionals who use dante to get some insight, but I guess I don’t really have enough understanding of the game.

Lastly Thx for any help and if they’re any threads I didn’t see feel free to link them. :slight_smile: or any guides you guys know of that target the very new players like me self. Thx for all the help. <3

In terms of assists, here is something that was said awhile back but mostly still applies.

To get in with dante i usually do a couple of things. I wave-dash behind assists, teleport with assists, use air play then air-dash, use hysteric then devil trigger into teleport, use drive and then teleport, use air play and then teleport, and wave-dash into stinger.

The only things i can really tell you about being a rushdown dante is to stay in range of s.l / s.m and c.l but dont get too close because dante is pretty slow. Know the range of cross up air-dash j.m and j.h. Use reverb shock into fireworks to make things safe when needed. When you know it will make contact at a distance use stinger to stop what their actions that they were about to do. But the main thing is just know your ranges, frame data, and confuse your opponent.

There arent many guides right now but here are some of the videos. Most of them have more video so will have have to go to their channel to see more.




Other things that will help are buying the bradys guide at gamestop, and looking at Devil jin and Nini heart videos. They have some dante specific videos.



The Dante Team building thread and the General discussion thread has more people that can help and things that can help you too ( you might have to go pretty far back though).