Brand New Good Games Thread

Same GG shit.


Ggs to DGV and Game Tip in Street Fighter. Ggs to “Furious George” in SFalpha.

Hope to play you guys often :smiley: I am learning from you.


GG’s to the people I played last week :karate:

Good shit with Solier zero and tha orignal Gatsby at a3 today.

Soldier- That v-charlie keeps on gettin better every time I play ya, soon he’ll be able to take down my adon easy.

O.Gatsby-THAT v-sodom was on FIYA, Your prolly best v-sodom I’ve seen on kaillera so far keep it up myan. :tup: I apologize that it desided to lose connection on our last match.

Both of you playaz are dope. :clap:

Now I’m out peace.


ggs to Gatsby, God… baka’s server is awful

GGs Lando.

GGS to Slash yesterday, his Adon & Birdie > my Ryu.

ggs to rage
yo rock lee r u also lust?

GGs to Jeeebus! …hope u stick with garou man, its fun shit. Simple yet technical… easy to pick up, challenging to master. :badboy:

GGS to Slide earlier today, his Mika always pulled through tight spots.

ggs to anyone who played my gief/juni in a3

if you don’t like my gief don’t just leave without saying bye =(

ggs to SoldierZero today, though, too bad for that lag killing your connection.

btw, w/o lag, my Gen IS better than my v-gief. I’m not kidding either :frowning:

GGs to slide and psy yesterday in a3, thanks for owning me with your v-chun slide. :clap: :tup:

GG’s to Ryu 1999 today in ST, even tho my MAME kept actin’ up!

GGS to fatherbrain, Ryu, and key today in ssf2t, too bad it kept messing up so many times.

Good games to Slide (SFA3), that’s the most fun I’ve had in a while on kaillera.

Good Games to: Archetype(sp?), Key, Carlitos and Azz Clown in ST.

don’t know the guy’s name, but whoever he is… GGs to him. he played Mega Man exactly the same way that I did. the ONLY difference between our chars is that his Mega Man was blue. it kinda weirded me out, especially since i practiced and made up those tactics all on my own. he did every single tactic I did, same accuracy and everything.

GGs to TG and ryu mexico tonight, Damn tg your v-cody was crazy like a hound and ryu that a-ryu was sick. You taught me some intresting stuff with ryu but I barly get to see good ryu’s though on kaillera.

GGs to Archetype (once again), Timeforpain, Ninja, and Nagata Lock II (past and current games) in ST.