Brand New Hori Ex2 Arcade Sticks!


ALL SOLD, please close thread. I might be getting more but I’ll start a new thread as it’ll include more items.

These sold out way faster than I thought… my prices were too good to pass up as always =)

UPDATE Monday 12:47 PM: Sold another 2. (ebay link below LAST ONE). ONE BRAND NEW LEFT. (UNSOLD)

98 dollars including shipping. I noticed ONE guy price matched me at 95, except his was open box/“tested” lol. Once again mine is BRAND NEW. This is my last Brand New one I’m selling online. Don’t PM me for this one it’s already listed unless you are willing to pay higher for me to remove my item off ebay. 100% positive feedback. Last one sold in a few hours don’t wait.


95 bucks including shipping. Cheapest Buy It Now Price on ebay and amazon AND brand new. I ship immediately after payment.

Edit 12/19: Sold 2. Few left.

If you want, I will list them on Ebay for your buy it now price. I have 100% positive feedback on there =)
Or we can do a paypal transaction.

Brand New =D

Picture for those that wonder what it looks like:

edit: info… it’s brand new unopened hori ex2. In the retail box. Compatible also with PC if you install the driver for it (which info on this is in this forum). I can only take a picture of the box since I don’t want to open it to keep it totally new heh. Pictures of the box are all over google images if you type in hori ex2 or ebay, but I’ll take a picture of my boxes if you really want, let me just find my data cable for my phone since that’s my only camera (decent quality though don’t worry). And I’ll take a pic of the arcade stick I’m currently using (same one) if you want too =)

Sorry about that jeenyus1, I’ll be more careful for now on =D


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you have multiple?


Wait so your selling some sticks?
Mind to share some pictures and more info bout the sticks. Im interested in purchasing if you have more info and such.


$110 for an EX 2?

That seems like a bit much… >_>


^ Supply and demand man. A few months ago i would have agreed with you, but you can barely even find these things now.


Pretty ridiculous… :confused:


Dude I will buy it from you for 60 bucks shipped if not then good luck trying to sell it at that ridicalous price.


dont shit on his thread, and 60 shipped is a big lowball, with taxes and shipping you wont get this for less than 70 retail


yah please dont shit on his thread its not a good look


I pm’d


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Bullshit I can get this at my Local Play N Trade for 60. I just didn’t wanna wait till next month. Guess i will just wait.


I have to apologize, it’s just my personal feelings, that’s all. It’s selling, that’s what matters.