Brand new LS-55 feels too 'loose'

So I just received my custom joystick from Finkle, (Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu LS-55, squaregate) great work.

I’ve never used a joystick before, always used to a keyboard. Now my problem is I suck with joystick now… The joystick feels WAAAY too ‘loose’. It feels like there’s just way too much room and it’s too sensitive. (the joystick)

Now my question is, is this how a Japanese joystick is supposed to feel? It just feels so darn loose and I often jump when I’m trying to hold back and often duck for no reason. Everything is brand new btw.

So is this something I’ll just get used to or should I opt for a stiffer joystick? (Happ?)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Possible options:

  1. Mod it with an extra spring.

  2. Buy a LS-56 (LS-56-01 if you use the 5-pin cable) with an octagonal restrictor. It is a little shorter but should be ok:

just get used to it

i’m sure the micro switches make a noise and send a light vibration up the shaft, listen to them. also go in to practice mode and just start working with the key dislay and see what you’re hitting,

it will take some time, but i assure you once you’re used to it you will love the superior feel and precison of your jap stick

edit: another spring could help too, just play with it for about two weeks and then if its still off to you, you can make an adjustment

If you’ve never used a jpn joystick, this is normal. Before using a jpn stick, I was a hardcore happ user. When I started to use my first Sanwa, I had the same problems you were having: random ducking and jumping, shoryuken’s not coming out, etc. And yes, a jap stick is pretty loose and soft to the hand. That’s why jpn players have quick hands. It’s just a hand training thing. Play more and it’ll become easier.

Thanks dude.

I was even thinking of switching the joystick to a Happ since it’s a lot more ‘restricted’ than a jap stick. (if I remember corectly)

It’s just frustrating now that I’m losing to noobs now because of my stick noobishness…:annoy:

Is modding the stick with an extra spring a hard task? Is any soldering required? Because I don’t have the capabilities of doing this…

Also, do you have a recommendation on the hardest spring possible?
I want a LOT more resistance in my joystick as it is now…

The stiffest joystick you are going to find is a P360. If you can find a good one or a Wico then you have gold on your hands, very nice and are not loose in any shape or form.

just practice dummy.
keyboard will never be as good.

the problem is you got the ls-55, instead of the ls-56.

  1. Please watch this movie (it is for LS-33 but it is done the same on LS-55):
    If you want more like a HAPP competition stick in resistance then use both LS-55 and LS-56 spring ^_^.

  2. Get a LS-56 spring (and get a octagonal gate for your LS-55 also).

i’ve never used one, but i heard octagonal gates are great for first time users. thats another idea as well

yes the octo gate is great on the ls-55 & ls-56 for people who are transitioning over to Japanese sticks. I personally like them better all around. The only stick that I like the square gate in is the JLF. It’s weird putting an octo on an ls-55 makes it better while putting an octo on a jlf makes it not ad good. I think it’s how the seimitsu octo is shaped, compared to the sanwa 1.