Brand New Madcatz SE Stick Audio Problem Please help


So I just got a new SE stick for my PC (Xbox 360 version because i have Nvidia chipset) and when i plug it in the audio becomes distorted.

I can still hear most things clearly the only problem is there is a distorted fuzzy noise behind everything.

The same thing happend with my wireless Xbox 360 receiver only it was worse.

Anybody have a solution?


Check and make sure the PC isn’t trying to send audio to the 360 headset.


how do i do that?


does anyone else have an idea?


go to control panel and check if the mic is on or something. under sound settings. Nvidia chipset has nothing really to do with audio.


Im seeing nothing indicating a mic thats on


That actually sounds like a grounding issue with your mobo/usb port.


Thats what ive been told about the xbox 360 wireless controller

Is there any way to fix it outside getting an external usb HUB?


Please someone help me with this problem

when i unplug it , i have to restart to get the sound back to normal

so if it boots with it plugged in my sound is stuck like that


Do you feel like doing a lot of work? I the proper way I would do this is completely break down your motherboard, just leave the ram and CPU seated.

Then I would clean the case, and look for any metal frays that may be laying around in the case. All it takes is one tiny metal fragment to do this. Use canned air all over the motherboard (away from the case), case, and card components - vid card, sound card, any other pci cards etc -

The analyze each and ever cable that connects to the mobo - usb headers, power supply cables, etc - make sure there arent any frayed ends or split wires.

Re-assemble carefully. You will the smallest amount of shift on the mobo, try and rest it as far away as possible from the pci brackets on the case (not out of line, just pull the mobo straight back when the mount screws are loose, and it wont allow much, maybe a mm or two) tighten every thing up, reconnect every thing, boot up and test.

Of the two grounding issues that killed my sound on two different PC’s - this corrected it. But its a shit ton of work too. A good 30 mins to an hour depending on how comfy you are doing it.


Does it happen when you plug anything else into that USB port? If not then don’t go through all of that work of taking your shit apart.


I will absolutely try this,. Thank you for the advice. Also what do you mean by “You will the smallest amount of shift on the mobo” ???

I am about to switch my PC case i just got a new one, will probably do it in the next half hour or so. So this really is the ideal time haha.


Ok i tried it i got nothin even in the new case and the frontal usbs same result…


Are you connecting the stick with a headset plugged in?

If yes, try without it.

Also what OS are you running? tried updating sound card drivers?

Did you tried to connect anything else on the USB ports to check if the problem persist?

The only thing in common with your problem is that the controller has an audio plug in and it could be interfering in some way.

When i used XP i couldn’t use a headset with the regular 360 controller, but it could be anything though.

Maybe even it’s the controller itself that it’s defective.


The controller is not defective, ive tried all of those suggetions and it did not work .

I dont have a headset.

XP Pro is my OS and i think it’s the fact that it has a headset port that it is messing up the sound. Is there any way to disable it or check it… or… anything??


sorry for having to double post so many times just to get a response