Brand new player questions

How do i start, i guess ill say, the only fighting game (beyond casual smash bros melee on 64) that ive played at all was mortal combat X on ps4 for like a week. i just couldnt get into it at all. just a few days ago i got Street Fighter V with the humble bundle and figured id give fighting games another shot.

now ive never played a street fighter game and never tried a fighting game on keyboard before (im on pc). i have to say, controller is not for me, my fingers just dont know how to use a controller enough since ive been on m/kb for far too long. with that said i actually really like how it works on keyboard, with a couple adjustments that is.

with my situation out of the way, i just have a few questions. firstly i get the idea of linking combos and cancels etc. but is this game set up so that each character has a set number of combos and once you learn those thats all the moves? or do some moves linking to other moves actually change how the moves work? for instance if i learn one move. is that move always going to do that one thing (depending on context like air or ground obv) or does it change depending on the combos before or after it? like if i were to do an uppercut type punch combo on the ground. would it always do that uppercut no matter what combos come before or after? if so then i wont be as worried about learning combos as they arent super contextual.

secondly, ive watched tutorial videos and beginner basic ones but i always get lost way too early. i cant seem to wrap my head around terminology or what means what. i have no clue what vskill actually is. i understand critical attacks though and how some moves need a certain amount of bars etc. but im lost as to what vreversal is, when to use it, how to even use it etc. i also would like to know if theres a place to find all combos for a character? because ive tried doing combos for a character. then went and watched someone play but they do moves ive never seen and it gets me super confused.

lastly. is there a list of what characters have what type of moves somewhere? like some characters have anti air and some have low dodges etc. is there some way to find out who does what without actually trying every move for every character?

Thanks for taking the time to even read this, i started a journey here and its going to be so fun to learn. im keeping in my head to not get frustrated and im sure ill still be learning how the game works years from now. any help to speed up the basics though is deeply appreciated. cheers.

oh, ps: just to mention, ive already played 11 hours of the game and still havnt giving pvp a shot. if that shows anything for how much im trying to learn even the most basic mechanics.

That’s how combos work, my guy. There aren’t truly infinite possibilities, and games like SFV favour neutral over combos. The combos themselves are easy to learn, but optimising based on neutral outcomes is what’s hard.

Depends on the move. Poison moves keep doing damage. So do burning ones. Freeze attacks freeze your stun. But that’s about as far as that stuff goes. Over time, use of a move has it get scaled (balanced damage) throughout a game to discourage spam. But otherwise, buttons and combos keep doing the same thing in general.

Context matters, as it’ll determine what moves are the best for the situation. Use those best ones.

Go here.

Dude, just look for that stuff. Google it or something. Every character has an anti-air, for example. But not everyone has Boxer’s fireball dodge.

You’ll have fun. FGs are fun. Keep your head up and be proud of your progress.

Go play online. That’s how you learn.

Also you really should be browsing Newbie Saikyou Dojo more. Unnecessary assholes love jumping on threads like these and bringing people like you down because they can’t handle their own insecurities.

Welcome to SRK.

wow thanks for the resources!

this was my first time finding the forums to ask these questions so ill for sure have to look around alot more.