Brand new player to UMVC3- all in on ROCKET RACCOON

hi all I am kinda new to fighting games, played SF4 since July(I main abel), just got a ps3 last week so I was waiting until today to try Marvel. I decided based purely on game trailers that, no matter what, I will make rocket raccoon an integral part of my team. I don’t know if that means he will be point, anchor, or assist, but…I will find a way!!!

Will be periodically updating this thread as I progress, RR looks super fun, time to fire up the game!

god speed bro !

did like 5 trials with 4 different characters including rocket racoon, I like the feel of the game quite a lot! won a match too with good old rocket raccoon, level 3 x factor 3 bar HC, air strike’d some helpless fool, it felt good man

current online record: 1-10

the hardest thing for me to do right now is defend crossups when there are assists on the screen, i will work at it

I’d advise you to keep an open mind, get a little more experience with the Marvel 3 engine, and see what characters you like before putting people on your team “no matter what.” Rocky may very well turn out to be the character for you, but Day 1 might not be the best time to get locked in; play the game first.

though I must admit to being heavily biased towards RR i appreciate your advice and will keep an open mind! at the very least, for the other 2 spots on the team :wink:

Hit me up on Xbox live, i always have rocket racoon on my team

I’m grinding off the rust and learning the fuzzy dickhead add me on XBL for some games if ya’ll like.

I’m on PSN unfortunately else I would. But, my psn is vital_510, if you guys have that add me :slight_smile:

Not only keep an open mind but never give up. RR will drop in one combo my most teams, if not every team. Don’t let that stop you!

Well as the wise James McCloud & Peppy would say:

“Never give up! Trust your instincts!”

You mean bubba wing damage?