Brand new Sanwa JLF problems


Ive just installed a brand new JLF in my HRAP1 but ive noticed when i press down the joystick is sticking and feels like its grinding or catching on something , ill take it apart again tomorrow and have a look but does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this ? Never had this problem before


I do.

The metal washer (under the body) is pulled up when you move the stick. This is due grease excess between the metal washer and the spring cover, both 2 are sticky. Just take the stick apart, clean 100% the spring cover, rub the finger on the metal washer untill remain just a very slight layer of the grease. The same could be done with spring cover after cleaned. Some grease on the metal washer place before put it back, may help to stick it a little, giving a little more help to avoid the pulling up issue.

The main idea is to not let the washer and spring cover get sticky between each other.
You will notice some grease on the PCB as well, clean it if you think necessary.

I hope it helps!

Thanks , ill give it ago