Brand new Street fighter 4 TE stick (360) for sale

Hey folks. I have a couple Te sticks for the the 360 on sale. This is my first time listing them anywhere and I was going to try it here on the forums. Soon they’ll be on the craigslist, then ebay i suppose (if i still have them).

I’m reputable and have been in the street fighter scene since like day one. I’ll have pics up soon. Asking price is $249 + shipping. Respond here or Tell me you emailed there and i’ll check. Peace and chicken grease.



For all you 09 haters… not even I would offer a TE for $250 to the SRK community. Why anyone would pay $100 more for a TE is beyond me.

But for those who want a TE and can’t wait a month, go ahead. At least $250 is better than 300-400 on eBay.

Why dont you stop crap threading man…If you dont like the price then dont pay for it…Seriously we are all adults here, no one is putting a gun to your head to buy it or not.

This thread belongs here though

crapping on ppl sale thread is against the rules of this subforum

and you could/will get infracted/banned

so keep it up we dont need 09ers anyways

OP: good luck on sale. $250 is hella cheap. someone should scoop this up quick

+1 09 member doing something stupid/against forum rules.

People are selling TE sticks successfully for more if you haven’t noticed.

So while the person who posted above me laughs at the price listed, I receive negative reps for even stating that the price is better than what has been sold on eBay. I understand that what I said may have been too much, but I can already sense a bit of 09 hate here.

Let’s see. I don’t hate the item and nor did I state that I didn’t want the seller to find success in selling it. Nowhere did I say sarcastically “Good luck selling that” or “haha $250.” You have two options at the moment to get a TE; buy one at a higher price or wait.

You’ll have to forgive me. It’s the angst that I get from the fact that I can’t sell items to people who are seeking what they want and the fact that I have it readily available for them. Additionally, it seems the OP has quite a few TEs. Meh.

And this from a non-09 member in another thread and he gets away clean. Yay.

Sounds like hating on the item to me.

gtfo with this “09 hate” in here, I’m sick of this shit. Nobody is after you 09 members just because you are 09.

I could of infractioned you but I didn’t. I could of infractioned them but I didn’t. Don’t turn me into a bitch mod.