Brand New to Custom

I’m looking to build a custom joystick out of a coffee table and using a wireless 360 pad but I have a few questions before I get started.

First off, can a wireless 360 pad work in the first place? I’ve NEVER attempted to take one apart and I was wondering how the battery pack thing would work.

Second, what items will I need exactly? I know I will need the stick and at least 8 buttons, soldering gun, and drill to make holes int he table, but what kinda wires will I need and such.

Third, are there any like guides that tell me step by step where to soder the wires to the 360 pad and connect it to the buttons/stick.

Any help would be appreciated considering this is a huge money dump, but frankly I am tired of looking for a 360 stick and finding nothing anywhere and if I’m to pay top dollar for a good stick I’d rather make my own and have it actually fashionable.

Thank you everyone in advance!

Also any pictures that show where to solder would be amazing as well! :smiley:

next time, PLEASE read stickies. PLEASE?

Sorry! Brand new to this forums things. Haven’t ever tried seeking help online for a game before. Thank you much for your help!

with all due respect, some of slagcoin’s PCB diagrams are a pita to understand. for example, wtf is the different between common and ground and then different commons?

Is it the diagrams you don’t understand, or electronics?

They explain that on Slagcoins site. You have to read the text along with those pictures. Although you might be better off paying someone else to do this for you.

If you don’t understand those concepts – which exist separate from the images you learned them off of – then you shouldn’t be trying to mess w/ electronics yet. The order should be: read -> learn -> do. You’ll be sparing us yet another thread in this forum that could have been avoided w/ some basic education.

HINT: Slagcoin does a good job of explaining the basics of each of those things on the very same page you got the image’s link off of.

Wow, I wasn’t trying to start any trouble by just posting a thread asking for advice. How about, thanks for directing me to the link but no need to insult me for being oblivious. Seriously, I had high hopes for this community and despite the fact you were helpful insulting me for simply not reading a sticky is down right rude. you could have posted the link and been " By the way if you have any other questions, most the stickies have everything you will need to know. "

Anyways thanks to everyone who helped out!

@Hayabashi: Dude, I went through this thread a couple of time, and I don’t see here anyone “insulting” you nor being rude.

Relax, raeli just pointed out (for the 1464th time) that people should go through threads and do a search on the forums before clicking on that subscribe button and throw in their question, because in fact, all the answers you are looking for are there, and therefore there is no need posting 300 times the same thing.

This goes for every single internet forum, and not only SRK.

People were actually replying to “yourwhiteshadow”, saying that he should learn basics about electronics before building a atomic detonator with a cell-phone’s PCB, that all.

Just go through the stickies, search your info (you’ll find it eventually, as I know it’s there), and don’t feel “insulted” for for a little fart in the nose.

Besides, the first stikie of this section is “the absolut noobie thread”, where you can ask questions.

It’s valid for electronics AND for posting on internet boards.

hell is repetition. the people on here are constantly asked the same questions without people researching in even the most obvious of places (stickies and other posts that are only of the front page by a few pages) so they are naturally going to be slapping their momma in frustration at people not remotely looking for what they easily could find.

do not be afraid to just wander around on a forum for a couple of days before you post anything (any forum at that). the first few days should be kept to reading and then if you are still into posting then by all means do so. for me the first few posts are often to just start typing a little in an already started topic. be yourself and people will get to know you a little better and they will be less likely to slam you when you ask a question (unless you are an asshole of course).

i just started on here as well very few weeks ago and there is a ton of reading to do on here. there is a search bar up top as well. read through any and all posts that extend back about 7 pages that even vaguely say what you are thinking of asking and ALWAYS look at the top at the stickies. they will often answer the beginning questions and all that.