Brand New to SSF4. Any Help?

I know there are probably a million threads like this, but I’ll ask anyway.
I picked up SSF4:AE yesterday, and I’m enjoying it. Offline. Online, even same skill, I get my Gi-clad rear end handed to me. There’s no lag, I can’t understand why I’m losing. Any ideas?

If you want specific help, you’ll need to provide some match footage or replays or something. Your best bet is to go back and look at the replays of your most recent matches, and identify the things you did well and the things you did wrong.

Feel free to ask on your chosen character(s) subforums as well.

"I picked up SSF4:AE yesterday"
Just practice :slight_smile: SRK is full of knowledge especially in the respective character forums. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to freshen up on some basics… Vesper Arcade has an awesome tutorial series on youtube covering pretty much all the game mechanics and breaks them down in an easy to understand way. At any rate, you can’t really compare AI to the way a human plays.

Vonderful guy has a great post, especially the vesper arcade tutorial, it’s virtually a God Send to anyone who wants to learn street fighter and is something I wish I had when I first started!

You have to keep in mind that you’re playing against people who have likely been playing SF4 since 2008/2009 and playing street fighter for many years before that. We got a bit of a head start :wink: but you’ll catch up!

If you just started you might not want to choose one of those “advanced” characters, ie hard to use but very powerful, like Viper, Gen, Claw, Fuerte, etc. Get a feel of the game choosing the simpler characters first.

Others have already given you good ideas about where to go 2 learn the game. Trials are also a gd way 2 start out at least 2 get a feel for a few combos and the game in general. u said that u were playing people of the same skill but in all honesty PP and BP mean nothing, even tho u may think who u are playing is the same skill because they have little to 0PP doesn’t actually mean they r beginners. A lot of people don’t like to play ranked matches or have multiple accounts

Re-join people who stomp your butt, and learn how to block it all and tech throw. Stage one : )
Rush back to the people who stomp you. Playing people you beat is good practice, but you learn the most from people who rush and stomp you, seeing and trying to live long enough to get some attacks in.
Exection comes with time, what you need is “a feel for when to get your attacks in”, between defence. then you can learn to rush / block strick (and when not too eat reversals)