Brand new to ssf4 any tips?

Hey there guys and girls,
I recently bought ssf4 and was wanting to make it my first serious fighting game but i have absolutely no clue how to get good. I have decided i would like to play Cody bur have no idea about any of his combos. But any advice about game mechanics and stuff like that would be greatly appreciated. Also i was wondering what is it better to play on pad or stick? If stick which is a good one which does not cost much?

Thanks =)

You may get a bit of aggro for asking such open questions that have likely been asked before.
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I guess the first place to start would be in training mode or Challenge mode. to learn some combos.
his will help you familiarise yourself with the inputs and such. and what your character can do.

as for stick vs pad.
I find it depends on your character, some are more technical than others.
Cody i’d imagine is ok on pad.

Whenever you are knocked down, mash DP. Whenever you are put in a blockstring, mash DP.

Make sure you jump forward a lot. It’s the best and fastest way to move around. Always use jumping roundhouse and follow up with low roundhouse when they block.

lol Cody is ain’t a bad character to start off with. But yeah like Toof said try challenge mode but man definitely watch A LOT and i mean A LOT of videos to see how others use Cody to his abilities and for you to get a good understanding of how hes used in different situations.Don’t worry so much about combos because usually for people that start off playing they would usually focus on that only. Fighting games isnt ALL about combos. Whats the point of learning a combo if you cant land it, right?

As for controllers…

buy a stick LOL. Well honestly its your own decision. but me personally I despise pad.Always hated using it. I’m so much more comfortable using a stick.But whatever you wanna use is up to you.

Defintely watch these tutorial videos by VesperArcade also. These helped me level up my game so much it should for you too :smiley: [media=youtube]1_nS5Jj3pHY[/media]

Tip 1-Be prepared to lose alot is my best tip, as you may now people have been playing this game seriously for two years they will pop caps in your ass.

Tip 2- fighting games require hours of effort if you stick with this game you will understand be ready.

Tip 3- Be willing to learn and proactive in learning if you dont go out of your way to improve you will forever remain free

Tip 4-Every time you lose find the reason why you lost, these new fighting games will keep letting you lose if you dont.

Tip 5- Always ask for help when you arent sure of something and even then question everything you hear, alot of people who play fighting games are terrible and have been for a long time; you will understand this soon.

pro tip- have fun if you arent stop playing and do something else for a while this game will be here for a long time but never give up (Y)

best advice ive ever given tbh

playing cody? make sure to mash the fuck out of cr.short at all times. also wake up with bad spray every time


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