Brand new to the SSF4 community (Need T. Hawk help)

Hello my name is Zega and like many people registered in SRK i want to be the world’s best fighting game player.

I come from years of Super Smash Bros competitve play and hav a few local region tournaments under my belt, but that’s not saying much because there is a high lack of fighting game community down here in alabama x.x. I also reccently bought SSF4 a month ago because i reccently found out brawl is not a very well respected fighter. I seriously can’t find one person to even play SSF4 with me that is wihtin an hour’s drive away unless i beg at the local gamestop for gamer tags.

I understand that research and praticpating in tournaments is a big part of getting better at the game, but both of those are hard to do here in alabama and with my main being t. hawk.

Even though i can do what little combo’s t. hawk has in training mode i find myself failing again and again with t. hawk when i am just outside of light punch range which unfortunately is the most frequent range i’m in. Jumping in and using my dive is normally punished, using his short dash as well… even his ground dive.i normally get SRKed or hadokened to death agaisnt scrubs and i can’t seem to find a very effective way around it…

So if i don’t hav the money to travel to local tourny’s or no one to play localy, or barely any T. hawk players in existince to learn from, how do i get better?

(Yes i already checked the T. hawk thread >.>, didn’t learn anything i couldn’t figure out myself, sorry : p)

> wants to be the best

> comes from playing brawl

> mains T. Hawk


You get better mainly by playing offline. If online is your only source then you will have to go do that. If you already frequented T. Hawk’s specific board and you can’t find anyone willing to play you locally then…

It’s not really an answer you’ll want, but if this is your first 2d fighter you should play Ryu for a while to learn the fundamentals. You can keep playing T.Hawk for fun on the side, but play Ryu as your main for a while. He’s solid in every area, and has a little of everything. If you learn him, you’re learning the fundamentals of Street Fighter.

Once you get to the level where you’re understanding the game, and have your basics down really solid, THEN start playing T.Hawk as your main again. At this point, you’ll know so much more about how the game works that you’ll be able to grasp how T.Hawk puts his game together.

Trust me, I also came from a Smash background before I knew any better. I had several tournament wins and top 8 finishes in large tourneys in a very strong region. (Tourneys that the likes of Dojo, Razer and Gnes were at.) I started SF4 when vanilla came out, and all my Smash ability meant NOTHING. I was an utter noob, losing to even the most mindless button spam. After over a year of Ryu, then Sagat play, I was finally ready to start tackling characters I REALLY wanted to play. Now I’m playing Viper and loving it, but when I tried to play her when I first learned the game, the results were depressing, to say the least.

oh yeah i forgot to mention that i started playing blazblue a bit before i got SSF4 and really liked tager so that’s why i started using t. hawk in the first place because of how similar they play, but until reccently when if igured out how link combo’s worked i had no idea how diffrent SSF4 is from the rest. although i really like how truly balanced it is, and from someone that mained mario from brawl that’s well appreciated XD

Be sure to check that thread to see if there’s anything local going on.

oh Thanks this is a big help! and my first big tournament is going to be final round! do u know if they will hav brawl or melee x.x?

Couldn’t tell you, I’m in Florida, lol. Just trying to help you find some local stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far…no.

FYI, Id save the smash talk for Smashboards. Doesn’t tend to go well here.

The only real answer is to stop playing T.Hawk. The entire point of the char is to use his massive HP to eat damage getting in just to land a few hits that do retarded damage and further the grappler paradigm of making the match as unfun as possible.

And can we seriously start banning every ****** that says “HERP DERP RYU FUMDANENTALS”?

that’s a lie. if you truly understood all the info in that forum then you wouldn’t be posting in the newbie forum. you need to understand the psychology of a grappler because if you did you would know that being outside of jab range is t. hawk’s happy place and he will fuck your shit up if you let him get within that range.