Brand new to UMVC3 (and general fighting games), and aiming to pick up Spencer point



So, I recently bought UMVC3 and an arcade stick to go with and am planning to get semi serious about the game. Spencer seems like the most entertaining character to play on the roster, in my humble opinion, and I would like to pick him up. What assists/teamates go well with him? And where might I be able to learn combos with him?


Spencer is a fun character. Can you tiger knee his down grapple to OTG?


Still working on picking up the character/combos/etc…, what exactly do you mean by that?


At 0:04 you see it, if you can’t do that that’s the first thing you should learn. Spencer’s got some nasty combos off of that.


To be honest I would not recommend Spencer if you’re new to fighting games. He’s a character who is strong and has outs to a lot of difficult situations… It’s a crutch that gets kicked out from under you the moment you move to another character (Which you’re forced to do in a team-based game), so your defense will almost certainly suffer. Don’t get me wrong, Spencer’s cool, but I don’t think I’d advise playing as him until you’re, um, a little more confident in your play.


can you explain what do you mean by this?